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The 3 Best Ways to explore Halkidiki for the first time

The summer season has gone by now, but it’s time to welcome the fall season. Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but the fall season is amazing for visiting new destinations. One of the best destinations that you can choose is Halkidiki, in Greece. This place is a popular peninsula near Thessaloniki, and it’s known for its trident shape.

Halkidiki is considered to be one of the most famous destinations to visit in the fall season. In this place, you will be able to explore all the natural beauties and you will have the opportunity to explore the green forest on Mount Itamos, which will get a golden shade due to autumnal colors. The countryside glow is magnificent else and you will be amazed by all the amazing landscapes.

Of course, there are several different ways that someone can experience Halkidiki and have the best time of his life. Therefore if you are looking for a couple or more alternative ways to explore Halkidiki, except walking, you are in the right place.

Here you will find the 3 best and most “out of the box” ways to experience Halkidiki this autumn.


  1. Try sea kayaking

Even if it’s fall and the weather is a little cold, there is no excuse not to experience Halkidiki by sea kayaking. This way is the best opportunity to admire Halkidiki’s amazing beaches and the ocean with crystal blue waters. In case you are a big fan of sea sports don’t miss this opportunity and try this out. Of course, kayaking is something that you can do with your family or friends and have the best time altogether. The best months to try this out are September or October as long as the sea waters tend to be calm and the beaches are not that busy.


  1. Try the e-bike tour

The second fun and more adventurous way to explore Halkidiki is by bicycle. In Halkidiki, there are many places where you can rent bikes, such as ebikehalkidiki.com. If you are a huge fan of sports and love adventures, don’t forget to book an e-bike tour around Halkidiki’s unique villages. This activity is not only for those who love sports, but it’s the best option for everyone who wants to try something new. This activity is the best, especially if you are on vacation with your family or your friends, as long as cycling around has more fun when you have company.


  1. Rent a boat

Last but not least, another fun and alternative way to experience Halkidiki in the autumn season is by renting a boat. This is not as expensive as it sounds, and for sure, it is something else, as long as you will remember this experience for the rest of your life. One of the most ideal places to start your little cruise is Ouranoupoli, as long as it’s the right spot for admiring the ocean view. Even if the weather is a little cold, renting a boat is the most pleasing way to explore the eye-catching natural beauties of Halkidiki.






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