Surprising Details About Celebrities and The Houses They Live In

Living a life of wealth and fame is something that everyone aspires for. Unfortunately, however, many of us are relegated to living a standard life, working just to pay off all of our debts. Celebrities on the other hand are able to purchase anything in their wildest dreams. From a beautiful house to hundreds of cars, there is truly nothing that is out of their reach.

As a result of this, celebrities have become quite elaborate with their houses and the things that are inside of it. With the ability to design their home the way they want, they come up with some truly interesting designs. Here are some surprising details about celebrities and the houses that they live in.

Beckingham Palace

Beckingham Palace received its unique name for being located in London close to where the queen resides. Home to Victoria and David Beckham, this mansion is beautiful and would be a dream home for anyone. The house is decorated with soccer achievements along with Spice Girls records, as both celebrities had extremely successful careers.

With a house so big in London though, how can they go about cleaning them? You’d be surprised at the amount of celebrity homes in London that enlist cleaning services to help take care of everything. If you had a massive house, would you want to worry about cleaning everything up? These services help to keep all of their accolades clean and polished for guests to view.

Robert Downey Jr’s Windmill Home

While celebrities are known for owning weird homes, for the most part they still resemble a common house, just much larger. Robert Downey Jr. on the other hand when for a completely unique structure that still baffles people to this day. He purchased an 1885 former playhouse that is in the shape of a functioning windmill in East Hampton New York. The windmill does spin and is quite beautiful on the inside as there is more to the structure than just the windmill. In terms of odd house designs, RDJ’s house might take the cake for strangest.

Rufus Wainwright’s Disney Style Cottage

Rufus Wainwright loves Disney and fairy tales so much, that he decided to design a full home in that style in Los Angeles. This three-bedroom property in the Hollywood Hills has turrets and balconies and is surrounded by a lush green forest. If you ever wanted to envision a magical castle in the woods, this would be the one for you. While the exterior has things such as a moat, the interior is similar to a regular house. It is quite simple but it still contains extravagant artwork and lighting.

Shaq’s Basketball Court

A lot of celebrities are known for having basketball courts outside of their homes, but some athletes decided to take things to the next level and get an indoor court. Shaq was one of the most dominant big men in the NBA, and he owes that to the amount of work he put in. By having his own indoor basketball court, he was able to simulate game environments and get the practice that he needs.

This isn’t it a small court either. The court was regulation size and had extremely high ceilings to ensure that they never got in the way. Along with this, his house also contained a beautiful pool and cabana that overlooks the lake. Shaq sure knew how to design a beautiful house for himself.

Enya’s Castle

While Rufus Wainwright wanted to build something that resembles a magical castle, Enya went out and bought her own. Seeking to get away from public life, she moved to a castle that is fairly off the radar, so much so that even her neighbours do not see her often. It isn’t just the castle that makes this a truly weird home however. Enya houses around 12 cats that wander the property having the time of their life. With so much room for them to run, they can always experience something new each day. The inside of the castle is stunning as well, with medieval and modern artwork combining into one beautiful home.

The life of a celebrity is truly an amazing thing. With that much money, you can accomplish some incredible things. As a result, there are many interesting and intriguing purchases made by celebrities that will greatly change the look and feel of their homes. Find things that you can do around your home to match a celebrity. It doesn’t have to be anything super crazy, but you can turn yourself into something great with a few small changes as well. What amazes you about the lives of celebrities?

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