Stay at Home: Learn the Best Online Casino Bonuses and Play Games Free

Got more free time at the moment than you know what to do with? You’re not alone. Millions of people forced to stay indoors in these uncertain times are feeling the same way. Some of them have already figured things to do: crocheting, learning guitar lessons online, and creating memes.

But guess what? There’s another way to have fun. It’s called casino gaming. You select slots or card games. After that, you play against a friend or computer. And if you’re lucky, you walk away with more money than you had.

Now, not all casino games are free to play. But that’s where casino bonuses come into play. You can claim and use them to play your favorite games to win money. Here are some great tips on how to do it.

Register an Account for No Deposit Bonuses

The simplest way to claim a casino bonus is to create an account on a website giving out registration bonuses. In that case, your job is to provide your email address and set up login details.

Once that’s done, you then receive free spins or betting cash you can use on a variety of games. Truth be told, registration offers are never big. You can’t receive £100 or 200 free spins to play on tons of slots.

However, they are worth real cash. So, even if you receive £10, you can use it to win real money. You can cash it out, but there are usually some terms—i.e., the maximum you can withdraw, and wagering requirements. Make sure that you read up on these so that you know exactly where you stand.

Deposit Money for a Bonus

Want to receive a generous bonus from casinos? Fund your newly created account with some money. It sounds counterintuitive since the objective is to play slots and poker free. But gaming websites become more generous if you deposit money.

Usually, you can claim this bonus with a minimum of £10 or £20. But as you can see from the offers on this site,, it is possible to earn up to £1500 from some of the best gaming operators in the UK. Sometimes you get more than money.

You could also receive 200 free spins on top of your cash reward. Some operators take the extra mile and offer you VIP points. You can then redeem them for more bonuses or even cash.

Deposit More Money for Reload Bonuses

In many casinos, your honeymoon doesn’t end with one bonus. Sure, your first deposit bonus attracts the biggest reward an operator has to offer. But there’s usually more rewards waiting to be claimed.

The most common reward is a reload bonus—you claim it after you top up your account. Depending on the operator, you can receive this offer every time you deposit money or at specific dates.

For example, let’s say the policy is to get a reload bonus every weekend. Then you must fund your account on Saturdays or Sundays to earn it. Beware, the offer could be limited to your first deposit. So, read a casino’s terms before you decide to become a loyal customer.

 Join a Loyalty Program

If you shop online regularly, then you probably are a member of a loyalty program. These offers mean you get points you can then redeem for cash at a later date. Casinos’ programs work similarly.

You receive points every time you spend money playing games. You could earn a point for every £10 spent or something like that. When you accrue 100-500 points, you can redeem them for bonuses or withdrawable money.

Because it takes time to accrue loyalty points, it’s best to choose your casinos wisely. Select operators that award you points for each quid you spend. That way, garnering enough points to convert into bonuses won’t take months.

Become a VIP

VIP’s are some of the most beloved members of casinos. In Macau, high rollers contribute over 70% of casino profits. Online, it’s difficult to tell how much money high rollers spend. But what’s known is that casinos love them.

As a VIP, you receive an assistant who acts as your manager. She receives your requests for bonuses, helps you cash out fast, and promotes your status depending on how frequently you play. In many casinos, high rollers have guaranteed free games on the weekends. That means you can be assured of free spins just because of your status.

Of course, free spins are minor rewards compared to the holiday getaways, cruise ship tickets, and speedster gifts you can receive at some casinos. Surprisingly, the qualification could be to compete in a tournament with low buy-in amounts.

Ask for Bonuses from Support

Many cases don’t put it out in the open. But they are welcome to offering bonuses to regular customers who want them. All you have to do is ask. If you’re a high roller, you could receive more rewards than you could imagine.

If an operator doesn’t give out bonuses on request, chances are they have more offers for you. So, don’t ask for a bonus unless you can’t find offers in the promotions section of a casino’s website.

Additional Bonuses

Casinos aren’t created equal, so they don’t have similar bonuses. Some operators prefer to award generous welcome bonuses. Others opt for small, steady rewards for regular customers. Still, some companies come up with unique offers such as cash backs and random gifts.

The best part about today’s casinos is that they are more transparent than ever before. They tell you about their bonuses right off the bat. If you’re not pleased, you can check out offers from the hundreds of competing websites in the UK.

However, read the terms of conditions of each bonus. Focus more on the wagering requirements we mentioned earlier. They refer to how much money you must spend at a casino before you withdraw your bonus winnings. If it’s a huge amount, then it can be challenging to cash out your profits.

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