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Stay Ahead of the Game in the Evolving Office Landscape

Traditional working practices have been transformed over the past three years, and, like many other businesses, a prominent Sheffield City Region firm has adapted new office space to accommodate hybrid working and other new workplace trends.  These include hot desking and coworking which, while meeting the changing needs of employees also require a re-think of office layout, design and furnishings. By providing a pleasant and efficient working environment, employers are rewarded with higher levels of productivity. At the same time, hybrid staff benefit from the flexibility of adaptable workspaces that are not only convenient but also better for their health and wellbeing.


Creating Comfortable Workstations

Whether businesses are redesigning the layout or reducing the floorplans of their workspaces, an integral element of any office makeover is the choice of furniture. Studies have shown that taking longer breaks from sitting at work can lead to a healthier and longer life and standing at workstations has also been shown to increase productivity, After many homeworkers struggled with unsuitable working conditions during the pandemic, companies are focusing more on staff welfare in their choice of ergonomic and accessible equipment. The addition of a corner standing desk allows workers to spend time focusing on their work without having to sit for long periods.


Hot Desking in the Hybrid Office

Adjustable office furniture is also particularly useful in any organisation that offers hotdesking to their employees. Currently, around two thirds of a traditional office layout is dedicated to individual workspaces. However, with rising running costs and fewer workers coming into the office full-time, businesses are looking to reduce or reconfigure their floor plans in order to streamline operations. By allowing multiple workers to share a desk on a rota basis companies can move to smaller premises or dedicate more space to shared meeting rooms and huddle spaces. In order to maximise the potential of hot desking, rotas need to be carefully managed and shared with all employees as this will avoid empty desks or scheduling conflicts.


Convenience Without Commitment

For freelancers working from home, small startups without premises or companies that want to downsize their office space, Sheffield’s numerous coworking spaces provide a range of facilities that will help them to run their business smoothly.  Whether they are renting a single desk for a couple of hours, or hiring a whole venue for a day-long conference, individuals or firms can benefit from fast wifi, printing services and access to kitchen facilities. The best standing desks provide dedicated workspaces, while comfortable seating areas with hammocks and bean bags allow for more relaxed and unconventional work sessions. Modern and bright open layouts also create the ideal environment for collaboration between employees or networking with new contacts.


As more businesses accept that hybrid working is here to stay, office design and layout needs to be adapted in order to remain cost-effective, practical and efficient. In permanent working spaces, adjustable furniture allows staff from larger companies to hot desk without difficulty, while comfortable shared spaces enable smaller firms and freelancers to network or hold professional meetings without the overheads of running their own office.


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