Some new shows to binge right now

It’s that time of the season guys, and by that time of the season, I, of course, mean the weekend is coming up in a few days. Which means that, while some of you might be heading out for the weekend to drink, party, hike or take part in some healthy or unhealthy activities, those of us with a decisive need for the better things in life have some time to do some catching up on some of the best shows in the industry. Since sometimes picking a good show might feel like playing some Canadian online slots here, I am making you a quick list to read through and then binge through later in the week. Or right now, because I don’t judge and I might have participated in some of the binging myself over the past few nights. How do you think I can watch so much stuff in a single night yall? Anyway, here are some of the best shows that I have gotten to scratch the itch to, and also the ones that you need to get your eyes on, ASAP.

Rarely does a show appear that can garner as much all-around critical acclaim as the one that is below this one? But, Mindhunter comes in as a close second to one of the best shows available anywhere at all, right now. The second season got released just recently and by god is it good. The viewer will still be travelling with Bill and Holden, as well as the well everybody’s favourite Dr Carr. But things are changing in the department and in the Bureau, and the stakes are getting higher with every second that passes. The psychological profiling is still a long way from being able to be perfectly utilized in the everyday work of police officers, and some pretty tough cases are being thrown at them, at the moment. What is more, there are some internal politics that are juicing up the entire storyline, and honestly, this is too good. There is not much I could say about the show without spoiling everything, so there is definite merit in you spending some time this weekend watching all of the episodes and catching up on the serial killer of the season.

As we said, there has never been a show as critically acclaimed as this one, at least not one in the recent history of television. This HBO special, short series focuses on the tragedy that took place in Pripyat in 1986 when the Nuclear Station malfunction resulted in a huge explosion and the terrible fallout that followed as a result. The mini-series focuses on the politics surrounding the events, the lives and the deaths of the locals who saw the explosion, as well as of those who had to go into the area and battle the spread of the fallout. The series has earned a lot of positive reviews for capturing an incredible atmosphere throughout each and every episode, for the amazing storytelling, as well as for a semi-accurate portrayal of the events that transpired during the Chernobyl tragedy.

Shifting away from the major historical themes and implications of the previous two shows, we are going to also talk about the teenage, High School drama series Euphoria. This is another one of the best TV shows ever produced, but this one takes an entirely different stylistic approach. We follow the life of a number of high schoolers through one of the most messed up high school drama adventures that have been portrayed on television. I mean, our main character is a drug addict, one of the other main stories concerns very violent individuals and in between all of this, we have some high school girls being extremely vengeful and petty. It is everything you want a TV show to be, with a whole lot of Aesthetic sprinkled on top of it, all of which will be incredibly interesting to watch for anyone who has ever been a fan of high school-based TV shows. Fair warning, this is no breakfast club and some of the themes covered are incredibly dark. But, it is also a breakdown of all of the tropes that have been present throughout the TV shows in an intelligent manner that is rarely seen in modern film. Definitely, a must-watch, if you want to know what a good TV show about dark issues looks like.

I know, I know, the TV show is relatively old, especially when compared to the ones that I mentioned above. But hear me out, it did not get the love it deserves. This TV show is everything you want out of one. It is mysterious, it is messed up, it is funny and it is gorgeous. And within all of this, there is absurdism in terms of humour and in terms of storytelling, the kind that you rarely see shows and writers be so brave as to introduce these kinds of aspects into the storytelling. Many years down the road, the Leftovers is going to be regarded as a masterpiece of television, and you not having watched will be the worst decision of your life.

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