Six Ways to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready

Gardening is one of life’s small pleasures, and a simple one at that – but the results can be astonishing, and the joy of a well-maintained garden hard to beat. Thankfully, gardening is once again growing as a hobby, as younger generations take up the mantle left by green-thumbed grandparents and begin to tend to their own. The colder months can leave gardens in disarray, and yours may require a little work to become summer-ready. So, where do you start?

Clear Weeds and Prune Shrubs

Top of your list should be the removal of weeds and debris from your flowerbeds. Though mulch can have a positive influence on new plants, replacing nutrients in the soil, dying weeds and debris left over the winter can harbour harmful bacteria, and hamper plant growth instead of encouraging it. Turning over empty beds can turn up roots and prevent new weed growth.

You should also take this time to cut your shrubs and bushes back down to size. This can be done with ease using a cordless pruning saw and can have a profound effect on transforming your garden from an unkempt brush to a tidy and well-maintained space.

To prepare your garden for the coming season, shop for leaf mulch, a sustainable and affordable option for enriching your soil.

Clean Patios and Decking

There is something oddly satisfying about the act of cleaning decking, especially if done with a high-powered pressure washer. Blowing away two seasons of accumulated dirt and grime will undoubtedly rejuvenate your decking and patio slabs alike, bringing the seating areas of your garden back to life in a big way.

Dust-Off the Garden Furniture

With a pressure washer already set up, you could also take this opportunity to literally blow the cobwebs off any garden furniture that’s been stored away for the winter months. You might have all-weather furniture, which can be left outside year-round – but they will still accumulate seasonal grime, and are well worth paying attention to with a jet nozzle. If you don’t have a pressure washer to hand or cannot loan one, there’s no substitute for soapy water, scouring pads and elbow grease.

Paint the Fence and Shed

The colder seasons and their accompanying weather will not have been kind to your wooden fences or garden shed, even with an all-weather coating. A fresh coat of creosote substitute can improve their aesthetic immediately, while also protecting them from rot and decay for time to come. Alternatively, you could paint your shed in an entirely new colour for a summer look, using outdoor paint.

Finishing Touches

With the majority of your preparatory work done, you can, at last, tend to the introduction of new life to your garden. One fantastic way to make your garden more inviting for the summer is to select plants and flowers for their scent as well as their appearance. Waking up to the smells of summer cannot be beaten, and guests will no doubt be impressed. This is also a great opportunity to address your planters and flowerpots, which could be updated to herald a new summer season.

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