Should you avoid alcohol after taking Delta 8 gummies?

With Delta 8 rising to fame, people are looking for creative ways to incorporate it into their life. You might want to have a Cannabis-based party where you and your friends can chew some delicious Delta 8 gummies and drink alcohol.


But is it safe? Can you combine the two of the most popular party compounds? Let us find out.


Delta 8 Gummies Before Alcohol

While the focus has been on consuming alcohol before Delta 8, there is a lack of research on the effects of consuming Delta 8 gummies before alcohol. However, some of the old and inconclusive studies give insights into it. Here are significant studies on the same.

Understanding the potential impact of alcohol on concussions is crucial, especially after consuming Delta-8 gummies. Learn more about the effects of concussion alcohol interactions at credible sources.

However, Delta 8 and Delta 9 work in an almost similar way. So, there is a possibility that Delta 8 gummies from Exhalewell will also show similar results.

A study in 1992 aimed to determine the altered ( if any)level of ethanol ( the product in alcohol) after consuming THC. For the study, researchers picked 15 healthy adult male participants who were casual Marijuana and ethanol users. They received either a low dose of THC, high amount of THC, or placebo on three different occasions, spaced at a 1-week distance. After consuming a high dose of alcohol, Marijuana appeared to slow down the increase in the alcohol level of the blood. So there is a possibility that Marijuana might delay the feeling of drunkenness.


While this looks like a positive effect, it could become dangerous. You do not know how drunk you are. It is not stopping the drunkenness, only postponing it. For instance, you might feel that you are sober enough to use an automobile when you are already over the legal limit of alcohol. You might also get the feeling of drunkenness while driving ( that would certainly not end well).


It was a conclusive study, but questioned its results. Also, the study was on Marijuana ( where Delta 9 THC is the dominant compound). However, Delta 8 and Delta 9 work in an almost similar way. So, there is a possibility that Delta 8 gummies will also show similar results.


Another study in 1988 aimed to understand the psychomotor performance ( coordination between motor activity and cognitive process) of an individual after consuming Marijuana first and then alcohol. The study participants were six healthy, male, and moderate users of Marijuana and ethanol. There were six conditions for six participants. They were: placebo ethanol/placebo marihuana; high dose ethanol/placebo marihuana; low dose ethanol/placebo marihuana; low dose ethanol/marihuana; placebo ethanol/marihuana; and high dose ethanol/marihuana.


The study concluded that Marijuana and ethanol reacted synergistically or additively. Thus, reducing the skills required to drive an automobile. So, you have to be very careful while paring Delta 8 gummies with alcohol.


Other Possible Effects of Mixing Delta 8 Gummies and Alcohol

Crossfading or combining THC and alcohol is not new. They have existed for decades or even centuries. While most people do it without issues, the interaction might yield some adverse effects. They are:


  • Delta 8 May Stop Vomiting

You might already know about the antiemetic property of Delta 8 THC. In a pediatric study, delta 8 gave a 100% success rate in stopping vomiting. You might think it is a good thing but preventing vomiting is not always good. Vomiting helps your body to reduce its toxic load or avoid alcohol poisoning. With Delta 8, it would fail to do so.


  • Alcohol Might Increase THC Absorption

A study in 2015 revealed that consuming a small dose of alcohol also increased the absorption of Delta 9 THC. So, you might say that pairing THC with alcohol might boost the effects of THC. While this research focused on Delta 9 THC, the absorption pattern of Delta 8 is almost the same. So, a similar result is possible.


  • Risk of Dependence

A review in 2017 of various existing studies suggests that if you use alcohol and Marijuana together, there is a high chance that you will consume both in more amounts. It could lead to dependence on both the products.


  • Reduced Cognitive Functions

A study in 2011 analyzed the performance of 21 heavy Marijuana users after they consumed alcohol on cognitive tasks. The cognitive performance of only THC consumers was comparatively better than the ones who finished both.


Consuming alcohol and Marijuana together for a long time might lead to alterations in structures of the brain, such as the hippocampus. So, if you are thinking of consuming alcohol after Delta 8 gummies, stay ready for these effects.


Precautions to Take

Here are some ways to avoid or handle a bad reaction.


  • Look for Signs of Green Out

You can only stop something if you know it is happening. Green out means the unpleasant results of mixing alcohol and Marijuana. So, before anything, look for the signs of green out. They are:


  • rapid heart rate
  • shivering
  • sweating
  • chills
  • stomach problems
  • lightheadedness
  • paranoia
  • nausea and vomiting
  • anxiety


Once you recognize it, you can move towards the ways to handle it.


  • Stay Calm

Remember, patience is the key. The unpleasantness will go away after a while, so stay calm.


  • Lie Down or Sit

Find a comfortable position and give yourself rest for some time.


  • Intake Sugar

Take a sugary drink or a bit of food. If possible, have a soup broth. If not, the juice will also work.


  • Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can lead to dry mouth, dizziness, and headaches. So, drink as much water as possible.


  • A quality Delta 8 Product

While mixing alcohol and D8, make sure your Delta 8 gummies are high quality. A low-quality product might make your experience worse than you can think. So, purchase from a reputed store only.


  • Know Your Limits

If you are a fresher, avoid mixing delta 8 THC and alcohol. Consume them together only when you are well aware of your limit for both alcohol and THC.


  • Consume Less than Usual

As alcohol increases the THC absorption rate and THC delays the drunkenness of alcohol, it is better to consume both the substance in comparatively low amounts than usual. These measures will only work as precautions. You might still face an adverse effect. So, you should visit a professional if you are not feeling good.



Combining alcohol and Delta 8 could be one of the best or worst party ideas. It largely depends on your body and consumption levels. Make sure you take all the precautions and stay ready for an adverse situation. You might go for low amounts of Delta 8 drinks (alcohol-based drinks infused with delta 8 THC ). They are primarily safe options.


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