Sheffield Tech Startups to Keep on Your Radar

It is no secret that, in recent years, Sheffield has seen hundreds of new tech startups appearing on the scene as it continues to grow as an exciting hub in the Yorkshire region. But with so many out there, which should you be keeping an eye on?


Sheffield-based technology infrastructure firm WANdisco are revolutionising the way companies store, transfer and use data with their LiveData platform. WANdisco recognised the need for large quantities of data to be accessible and consistent to users at all times in all locations, rather than moving data in small clusters which quickly becomes outdated or leaves users in the dark. As such, they have developed a software that allows large scale quantities of data to be accessible and consistently up to date across entire organisations simultaneously.

Most recently, this software is becoming increasingly useful and accessible to financial service providers who had previously been restricted by obstacles caused by regulartory requirements. However, as firms become steadily more digitized, the number of opportunities and demand for large scale cloud software, such as WANdisco’s LiveData platform, is growing significantly.


As an innovative bunch of software engineers, system architects, designers, strategists and general self-proclaimed tech monsters, Razor are all about digital transformation and cutting-edge development. Through the use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), machine learning and automation they are harnessing all kinds of innovative techs to provide clients with the best research-based business solutions.

Technologies such as VR have not been on the scene for long but have recently infiltrated many industries, from retail to iGaming. For example, in retail, consumers can explore shop aisles and project items onto themselves or their homes before purchasing. In the iGaming industry, cutting edge technology is just as important and, combined with incentives such as sign-up bonuses, it is no wonder the industry is on the rise. The tech gives you a whole new experience while the deals are giving you more money to play with at the same time.

The Floow

Delivering solutions for customers in insurance, fleets and automotive manufacturing, The Floow are a telematics driven tech firm who use technology, data science and social science to transform mobility in the modern world, with their HQ based in Sheffield. The concept of the company stems from being in ‘the flow’ in a state of deep concentration where you can make amazing things happen.

For example, over the past 10 years, The Floow have collated and analysed thousands of pieces of data from crash tests and similar to create a smartphone-based algorithm that can detect crashes using machine learning and evaluate the severity of a crash. This data is then sent on to insurers to create a real-time crash report which will make the claiming process faster and more effective for customers and insurers.

From cloud software to virtual reality and machine learning, those were just a small handful of tech startups doing big and innovative business in Sheffield that are worth keeping on your radar as they continue to branch into the international market.

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