Seven Things You Must Know Before You Go For Your First Ever Concert

There is no bigger fun or a feeling of thrill and excitement than seeing your favourite artist or band perform. However, to actually make this experience worthwhile and thrilling, you need to take a few steps.


Here, in this article, we will give you a complete guide to make your concert viewing experience more extravagant and enjoyable.


So let us get started and address this guide of all the things you must do before heading for your first concert.


Book your tickets in advance


If you know that you have concerts in Orlando Florida to attend, you must pre-book your tickets. Never leave this for the last minute, especially if you are going to see a famous band or attending a concert with limited seating.


Further, you must shop for your tickets in advance to ensure that you get the seats of your choice and you get to see your favourite artist perform.


‘In context to the concerts, there is a common notion, the earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper it will be,’ comments Steve, an associate with TangoLearn


There is indeed a general trend that the prices of the concert tickets tend to surge when the date of the concern is closer.


However, shopping for the tickets will not be complex as today all the tickets are available for sale online. You can even check out all the event line-ups on the concert sponsors, bands, venue, or event-based websites.


Dress comfortably


The obvious thing about the concerts is that they can be excruciating at times. First, there are long wait lines. More so, since there is no seating arrangement, you will have to stand the whole night. Thus, it is quintessential to dress comfortably when you go for a concert,’ advises June, an associate with PassionateRunners


In addition to the outfit, you must also pick comfortable shoes. Do not wear open-toed heels or shoes, as you have a long night ahead of you. Further, pick comfortable bottoms, so you do not sweat too much. You can even have a light bag with you where you carry some essentials.


However, bear in mind, you must only carry along imminent things, such as a power bank or your phone charger, car keys, wallet, water bottle, etc.


Carry a sealed water bottle


Concerts are long events, and you will indeed be cheering for your favourite artist across the length of the event. So, to avoid dehydration, carry a water bottle along. Typically, the venues allow a bottle per guest, so do not hesitate to carry it. It is also vital because the bottles that you get inside will be way above the MRP. So, even if you need one more bottle to survive the heat, you will be glad you brought the first one from home.


Arrival time


See, the time you reach for the concert depends on how many openers are there at the show. Also, you have to decide whether you want to see the openers perform or not.


For instance, if it is a rap show, there will be various artists on the bill, and the primary event will most likely not take place until 10 or even 11 PM.


On the other hand, the jam bands do not have an opener. So, they will be on the stage between 9-9:30 PM. If you see through your ticket carefully, you can see two timings being listed on it – Show or the Door.


‘As a seasoned concert visitor, I prefer going to the concert just thirty minutes ahead of the showtime. This allows me to get in before the commencement of the main event,’ shares Alice, an expert with RazorHood


If the band has been on tour for some days now, performing in different cities, you can check their social media or Twitter to see when they have usually been getting on the stage on other nights. But, in theatre shows and venues with strict curfews, the time on the ticket is precise. So, try to adhere to it.


Memorize the lyrics


The fun of attending a concert is amplified if you are thorough with the lyrics. Generally speaking, irrespective of whether you have memorized the lyrics or not, attending a concert will indeed be a wholesome experience.


However, knowing the lyrics does give you an advantage as you can sing along with the performer and enjoy the song more. There will never be a second time when you will be signing till your lungs tire and support your favourite artist amidst the crowd of 100s.


So, do not miss out on this simple chance to elevate your whole concert experience. You can check YouTube, play the song, and try to memorize the lyrics a day ahead of the concert. Make sure you put your blood, sweat, and tears into it. It goes without saying, it will pay off.


Have the right company


‘Even before you shop for the tickets, you must decide on the people who will watch this concert live with you. Your company will make a significant difference in how well you enjoy the concert. Both you and your company need to be congenial individuals who like the same sort of music and band,’ comments Anna, an associate with MyPlumbersChoice.


For instance, do you enjoy being on the floor cheering for the artist, or do you want to sit in the stadium? Regardless of your attending style, it would be best if you travelled with people who have the same interests.


Keep your phone fully charged.


As discussed, the concert will be a long event, and you may have to take a cab back home or inform your folks that your return is delayed. Thus, it is vital to ensure that your phone does not get turned off by the end of the night.


We understand that you will be using the battery to record videos and click pictures of your favourite artist performing, but ensure that you still have some battery left for the vitals.


So, these are the seven most important things you must know before you go for your first concert. Know of any more such tips from your experience?


Do share with us in the comments below. We would love to share the same with our readers.

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