Save money on UK fashion with the latest codes and deals

According to recent research, Brits spend 65 per cent more on clothes than the supposedly more fashion conscious French. Average UK consumers are shelling out in excess of £1,000 annually on jackets, dresses and footwear to update the content of their wardrobes.

The desire to purchase new clothing for each season and regularly during the year remains strong, with expenditure on clothing accounting for a comparatively large portion of household budgets. However, UK consumers may actually be paying more than they need for these items because a stream of daily deals and coupons are enabling the savvier shoppers to save money and stretch their budgets further.

How coupons work

Coupons are no longer limited to paper-based offers in traditional media such as newspapers and magazines. The rise of the internet and mobile apps has enabled companies to run offers regularly for a wide range of products and services. All consumers have to do is enter a coupon code at the checkout before they complete a purchase to lower the cost of the goods. The same method applies for fashion.

Cut-price clothing

Fashion discount codes are available for both men and women. These new codes pop up regularly and enable customers to, for example, get 15% off a first order if they sign up to a newsletter, get a 20% discount when adding three or more items to a basket or simply use a code during a limited time period. Fashion brands often run deals during a brief two-hour window or over a bank holiday weekend.

Membership service

Rather than shopping at standard retail prices during your next trip into town in Sheffield, you could be grabbing bargains online or via ‘click and collect’ in store. Keeping tracking of these deals and acting on them before they expire is challenging though, especially if you have a growing list of clothing items you want to purchase. That is where membership services can help.

Premium benefits

KDeals makes money saving easy by providing deal alerts and customised discounts direct to your email or phone inbox. The Premium membership service, available for only £9.99 a month, regularly scans all the new coupons for fashion and serves up tailored deals based on your preferences. This means you could get the leather jacket you have always wanted at a much lower price than anticipated. To use this cutting-edge software, all you have to do is set up a direct debit for payments either monthly or annually.

KDeals review

Customers across the UK have already hailed the KDeals’ customer service and commitment to delivering high quality offers and varied deals. You can also share your excellent experiences with a review. Combining coupon services with other money saving methods, such as the use of cashback services, can bring the cost of designer clothes down even further.

Save more as the market grows

Consumers are saving thousands of pounds on shopping every year by using coupons and with the UK womenswear market growing to £29.4 billion in 2018, there has never been a better time to find the best deals for fashion and clothing.

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