Review: Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

The first Doctor Strange movie came in 2016, and it was a good hit. The movie’s name was Doctor Strange, and it managed to earn $232 million domestically and $677 million annually. 

The latest movie of this series is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It is a part of a new phase, named Phase Four, of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Director Sam Raimi and Screenwriter Michael Waldron are now doing the task of balancing the multiverse. Let us begin with the review of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.


In this movie, Doctor Stephen Strange has mastered the metaphysical arts. Now, he can also alter realities in different universes(multiverse). He meets with different characters like Scarlet Witch, the Sorcerer Supreme Wong, and Doctor Christine Palmer in the movie.

Do you need to know some history before watching this movie?

The answer to this question is, probably Yes. If you want to connect the dots about these characters and the multiverse more easily, I suggest you watch a couple of episodes from Marvel Studios’ TV series What If..? After watching this series, you will catch the little details and cameos more easily in Multiverse Of Madness.

Binge-watching WandaVision is a must. It will give you a better understanding of how Wanda Maximoff became the Scarlet Witch. It was a fictional depiction of the life of Wanda with her love Vision, and their twins, before the threat of Thanos. 

At the end of this series, Wanda can be seen seeking knowledge of her new powers via the Darkhold, AKA Book of the Damned. This book reveals her true destiny as the Scarlet Witch. She also hears the voices of her twins. They can be heard calling out for their mother in the astral plane.

Where to watch these series?

You can see both What If..?, and the WandaVision series on Disney+ after buying a subscription. If you own a firestick, there is good news. You do not have to buy a Disney+ subscription because almost all Marvel movies, documentaries, and the latest episodes of their TV series are available for free.

You have to install Kodi to your firestick first. You can do it either on your own or by using a build. After that, you can add the Marvel Studios add-on to your Kodi, and that’s it. You can stream MCU content for free now. 

The Marvel Studios add-on is not the only available add-on. There are some other decent add-ons available for Kodi, which allow you to watch your favorite shows, movies, sports, live TV, and more without hassle. However, the list of these working add-ons keeps changing, so you should keep up to date with the latest and the best ones.

Now that you know how to access the recommended series and have a little knowledge regarding the history of Wanda, we can continue reviewing the movie. 

In the Multiverse Of Madness, you have main characters, Doctor Strange and Wong. We saw them last time in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Peter Parker asked them for help because his identity was compromised. While helping Parker, Doctor Strange casts a wrong spell, causing him to summon other creatures and beings from other realities into his world/reality. 

It is essential to see Spider-Man: No Way Home because the saga continues into the Multiverse of Madness.

Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange are a dynamic on-screen duo together. They are a duo of mystical power added with nonstop thrills. If you are a true MCU fan, you will not complain about little surprises and interchangeable cameos. Also, the fighting scenes were phenomenal.

But, this type of film will probably not convert those who are not already on the MCU bandwagon? Because in some parts of the film, the CGI was poor, and the dialogue did not quite hit the mark. You can not decide if it is a sequel to the first Doctor Strange movie or is it a new Wanda movie? 

Now I do not want to give you any spoilers or the actual storyline of Multiverse of Madness. Because this movie is still new, and some of you might not have seen it yet. But if you still want to know a little about the story, here it is,

Little Spoilers Ahead

We can see Doctor Strange coping with the reality that he is the only go-to left since Iron Man is gone. On the other hand, Wanda is dealing with the fallout of losing her family. We can see Wong continuing to be the best in the sanctum.

After watching Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, you can feel that this is the actual start of the next phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It makes this film a must-watch for the fans. 


If I had to rate this movie from a neutral point of view, I would give it six or seven out of ten stars. This rating is because there is lackluster writing in between the Wanda scenes. There are also a lot of unaddressed cliffhangers leftover from Doctor Strange.


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