Revealed: The Top 10 Most Popular Food Days in the UK

A new study by Betway has dived into the weird and wonderful selection of national, and international food days.

The survey results were gathered from a selection of UK Google data, and Instagram hashtags of people’s culinary snaps. The gathered data studied how the day in mention has increased in interest, dating way back to 2004, and revealed which ones are growing in popularity, year on year.

When you think of the UK, a typical stereotype would be of the afternoon tea drinker- so it may surprise you that it only comes in at number 8 in the Betway survey, with an increase of 236% since 2004.

At number 5 we have Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday as it’s better known-remember those countless videos that come around once a year of people flinging pancakes across their kitchen? Well they have led to an increase in popularity of 577%!

Moving further up the list, another British classic comes in at number 2, the trusty Yorkshire Pudding. With a monumental increase of 3,200% it makes you wonder how many roast dinners are devoured year after year.

And the winner is… National Homemade Soup Day. Every year the 4th of February heats up, as everyone celebrates their homemade soup. An increase of 5,800% has made this the most popular day in the UK! Whether it’s the old folk tales of soup being a cure to almost everything, or the fact it’s a go to lunch for many office workers to fight over the microwave for, soup is most certainly a dish for the ages.

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