Rekindle The Passion In Your Marriage With These Essential Tips


Marriage is a wonderful thing, becoming bonded to your partner for life. It is a bit of a cliche that after you are married, everything settles down, and the passion that existed previously disappears. This is not uncommon but it is not impossible to fix either. This article will help you rekindle the passion in your marriage with these essential tips.

Get Some New Lingerie

Another cliche but it works, getting new lingerie is a great way to rekindle some passion. It is less about how sexy the lingerie is and more about seeing your partner in a new light. As mentioned on this website, sexy lingerie is about the only thing that is more of a turn-on than just a naked person. This applies to men’s underwear as well! Getting some new lingerie will help rekindle the passion in your marriage.


Communication is the key to a successful relationship and even more so to a successful sex life. Throughout your marriage, you need to maintain emotional intimacy and talk openly about your desires. Make sure that you are both comfortable enough to discuss what you like and dislike and also what you would like to try out. This type of communication can open the door to a whole world of sexual gratification. Learning how to communicate effectively is vital for rekindling the passion in a marriage.

Remember to kiss

As you become more and more comfortable around one another, it is easy to get to a stage where sex becomes a little routine. This type of sex is important but it doesn’t mean that it is the only option. Often what is forgotten is that kissing for an extended period of time is intensely erotic and can go a long way to rekindle the passion in a marriage.

Have A Scheduled Date Night

In a marriage, it is important to make time for your relationship. Date nights have become incredibly popular as a concept because it helps keep some regular time for fun in your marriage. You should treat these dates as you would have done at the beginning of your relationship. Keep it fun and flirty and maintain the pretense that you are both trying to win each other’s favor. Don’t think about the fact that you are already married and try to think more about how you want to secure that next date. Having a scheduled date night has been proved to help rekindle the passion in a marriage.

Become More Vulnerable

To have got to the stage where you are married, hopefully, you are willing to be open and honest with your partner. That doesn’t mean, however, that there is not more to share. Becoming emotionally vulnerable, especially during sex is a great way to rekindle some passion. Try letting yourself go and not be worried about saying what you want. This type of vulnerability can be incredibly sexy and is a great way to rekindle the passion in a marriage.

Allow Sex To Be A Priority

As humans, we often belittle the value of sex. It is sometimes seen as a bonus, an added extra that is nice but not necessary. By thinking this way you are guaranteeing that passion in your marriage will die. To be able to maintain that sexy drive, you should make sex a priority. Allow yourselves to make time to have some really good sex. It shouldn’t be a functional endeavor, it should be fulfilling. This is an important step in rekindling the passion in a marriage.


Variety is the spice of life and is certainly the spice in your sex life. It can be easy to get stuck in a rutting rut when you are married. Knowing what works is great but if you want to keep things exciting you should try to find something new each time you have sex. It doesn’t have to be a spontaneous new decision, you can discuss it with your partner beforehand. This will help to have something exciting to look forward to as well as helping rekindle the passion in your married sex life.

Till Death Do Us Part

There are so many cliches and stereotypes surrounding married couples and their sex lives. Mostly these ideas are negative and very unhelpful. If you want to break the mould and prove these people wrong then you need to take matters into your own hands. This article should have provided you with many different ways to spice up your sex life and rekindle the passion in your marriage.

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