Pizza makers Proove teams up with charity to cater for homeless

Sheffield’s very own wood burning pizza restaurant, Proove based in Broomhill have partnered up with non-profit organisation Foodinate to help those who are homeless in the city.

Foodinate allows restaurants to cater to those who are homeless – you order and eat a meal and you also give a meal at the same time, it’s really that simple. Since the launch in 2016, they have provided over 10,000 meals to those who are not guaranteed a hot meal every day.

Proove alone provided 1028 meals in the first month of introducing the scheme to the restaurant, compared to the 300 monthly meals donated by partner Foodinate.

Deepak Jaiswal, director of Proove said, “The importance of community is fundamental within our company, when we were approached about Foodinate, I knew instantly that this was something we wanted to do. Being able to provide meals to those in need is so rewarding.”

The best thing about this scheme, it doesn’t cost you a single penny. When you order your own meal – that is all you pay for. The restaurant foots the bill for the extra meal.

Along with sister-restaurant in West-Didsbury (Manchester), Proove has provided a staggering 2,398 meals this month alone – setting a new record by a Foodinate partner, strengthening Jaiswals’ importance of community within the company.

Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety at Sheffield City Council stated that the money provided by people eating at Proove will go directly to helping those who are homeless at places such as Ben’s Centre.

She also went on to say “This just goes to show how generous people living in Sheffield are and I thank everyone who helped to provide a hot meal through this scheme.”

If you’re a local Yorkshire business and would be interested in joining this awesome scheme, email for more information.

Find Proove on their site.

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