Present Ideas for the Art Lover in Your Life

When it comes to buying gifts for artists, we are all too accustomed to be reaching for the fun pen set in a wooden box, or those paints that they might not use. The well-intentioned act is there, but for the most part, some gifts can prove to be quite useless unless you know exactly what you’re are looking for. Worry not! This article is here to think outside of the art box for cracking gifts to give your creative crafters.


 Unique Gift Voucher


Artists can be notoriously difficult to buy for. How are you supposed to know if you have the right brand of acrylic paint and which letter to choose when buying a pencil? Take the stress out of getting it wrong with a gift voucher. This is far more personal than just offering cash, and they get to choose exactly what they want or need. There are plenty of choices at,so find something that will suit the artist in your life!

Adjustable Desk Easel


If artists do not age with some unfortunate aches and pains, it would be a surprise. However, thankfully now in the modern world, many gadgets and products can support how artists work. An adjustable desk easel is a great example! These desk easels can be adjusted in both height and angle to save an artist from hunching over their work and allowing them to move more freely with their canvas. They are great to take anywhere that the artist might want to work, both indoors and outside.



 Specialist Fine Art Jewellery


There might very well be artists that believe they have everything they could ever want when it comes to supplies (though we all know that is unlikely!) However, if you want to branch out from the norm of gift-giving to creators, why not find out some of their favourite artists and purchase a piece of inspired jewellery. This is a very special way of acknowledging their passion and also giving them something they can treasure, and you can choose from earrings to watches, from cufflinks to hair ties!



 Sketching Wallet


For the drawing fanatics, why not gift them with something they can take anywhere for when the inspiration strikes? A sketching wallet is a cool gift that keeps pens, paper and pencils all together, and acts a surface to draw on too. They are quick, convenient, and portable, which is perfect for drawers that are on the go!


642 Tiny Things to Draw Journal


You might know someone who is interested in art or being creative but does not quite know where to start. This is where the 642 Tiny Things to Draw Journal comes in. This sweet little journal gives readers, yes, you guessed it, 642 prompts of tiny things to draw. Anything from keyholes to marbles, artists can take a moment out of their day to draw something that they might not usually draw whenever the inspiration strikes, or even if they need a little time to themselves.


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