PhenQ Weight Loss Pills UK Review (Latest Alert 2022-Don’t Buy Until Reading This)

Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, (UK) 10, MAY 2022 [About PhenQ Weight Loss Pills Review] PhenQ is a popular weight loss pills for its appetite suppressant and fat-burning effects. Its effectiveness makes it the success it is known for in the United States, UK and around the world. Contrary to popular belief, PhenQ does not contain phentermine (a banned substance in UK). In this file which is intended to be complete, we present this 100% natural product which is gaining in popularity, while regularly opening a window to the opinions of consumers and the recommendations of nutritionists, doctors and other specialists.

Why Take the Phenq Weight Loss Pills?

For 4 decades, the UK population has tended to gain weight to the point that it includes around 20% of people suffering from obesity, an illness that has a negative impact on health, resulting in exponential excess mortality in expert opinion. Also, obesity has become a real source of stigmatization and frustration in our increasingly oleophobic society (which hates obese people), despite being obesogenic (comprising the factors – sedentarization of leisure and games, high motorization of displacements, an abundance of strongly colouring foods which lead to obesity). PhenQ is a weight loss pills that can effectively fight obesity. Save Up To 55% For UK Residents & Free Shipping in Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland.

Taking PhenQ allows each user to:

  • feel good about yourself and be on top mentally;
  • not wanting to eat regularly;
  • to have more punch (one feels less tired than before);
  • stop weight gain;
  • and burn fat in every corner of the body.

These phenomenal actions of PhenQ are sought after by the majority of overweight people.

However, the use of PhenQ weight loss pills should not be systematic, but rather be motivated by a real need to lose weight because, in the opinion of specialists, all people who are overweight, that is to say, who have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 kg/m², should not seek to lose weight at all costs. This is essentially what an eminent nutritionist, Dr Jean-Michel Lecerf, indicates. In his opinion,

  • a 70-year-old woman who is neither hypertensive nor diabetic should not take a slimming capsule even if her BMI is 29 kg/m²;
  • with a BMI of 33 kg/m², a 35-year-old man, non-smoker, muscular, active, athletic with a stable weight and good physical capacity should rather continue to do sports, instead of taking a slimming capsule;
  • despite a BMI of 30 kg/m², a 31-year-old woman whose only risk factor is lower body overload, need not fear for her cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Note that the calculation of the BMI is done by dividing the weight (in kg) by the square of its height (m²).

What Is the Composition of Phenq Weight Loss Pills?

Out of respect for its users, the manufacturer of PhenQ wanted to be transparent in communicating the combination of the product. We then learn that PhenQ Weight loss Pills do not contain phentermine at all (contrary to some opinions) but owe their effectiveness to the combination of 7 main natural ingredients. We examine them in detail. Click Here to Visit Official Website and Order PhenQ Weight Loss Pills.


With the chemical formula 8 H 10 O 2 N 4, caffeine is a colourless, crystalline and sparingly soluble natural compound in water which was discovered by the German Friedrich Ferdinand Runge in 1819. Caffeine is naturally present in the seeds and the leaves of several plants: coffee, cocoa, kola nuts and green tea. As a result, it is found in chocolate, sodas, energy drinks and several food products. Caffeine is present in the PhenQ food supplement at a rate of 142.5 mg per capsule or capsule, for 3 main effects:

  • Appetite-suppressant effect (disappearance of the feeling of hunger);
  • Fat-burning effect (heat production and thermogenesis stimulant);
  • Diuretic effect (evacuation of toxins in the urine in order to cleanse the body).

Attention, according to experts, the daily intake of caffeine should be between 200 and 300 mg but in pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, caffeine consumption should be limited to 200 mg per day.

Chromium picolinate

Derived from picolinic acid and chromium, chromium picolinate (C 18 H 12 CrN 3 O 6 ) is a natural compound that helps control appetite. Chromium picolinate is also useful to avoid any deficiency in chromium, an essential trace element for health since it allows insulin to fully play its role in the body, namely the transport of glucose from the blood to the body cells. In the PhenQ weight loss capsule, chromium picolinate:

  • Promotes the production of insulin;
  • Helps regulate sugar levels;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Promotes appetite control by banishing the craving for sugary and/or carbohydrate-rich foods;
  • participates in the burning of fat masses and muscle development;
  • gives energy.

Calcium carbonate

Generally extracted from the shell of oysters, calcium carbonate (CaCO 3 ) can be used to reduce the acidity of certain food substances such as wines. In paediatrics, it is prescribed to improve weight loss in children. Its advantage in the PhenQ dietary supplement is to help muscle contraction during exercise, promote the elimination of fatty mass and the absorption of calcium by the body. Useful for the strengthening of cells and the strength of teeth and bones, calcium is the most abundant mineral salt in the body: it is worth 2% of body weight. It is brought to the body by a panoply of foods.


Naturally produced by the body and present in red meat and, to a lesser extent, in dairy products, L-Carnitine (‎C 7 H 15 NO 3 ) increases muscle performance by 11% by dilating blood vessels, and metabolizing fats and increasing their use. This molecule, whose daily intake to the body is around 2 mg, is the most abundant in the PhenQ dietary supplement; each capsule contains exactly 150 mg because the amino acid L-Carnitine is one of the product’s greatest strengths. It not only burns fat during exercise but also delays the threshold of fatigue by reducing excess organic toxins. It makes the athlete more enduring.

Extracts of prickly pear or Nopal

The prickly pear or Nopal is a cactus found in southern Europe and especially in Mexico. In this country, the plant is used to make “Nopales”, a gratin dish with meat, tomatoes and eggs. This is where its name Nopal comes from. In one capsule of PhenQ, extracts of Nopal (powder) count for 20 mg and are useful in regulating blood sugar levels, which produces an appetite suppressant effect. Other benefits of this ingredient include reducing the absorption of lipids during meals, maintaining the liver and heart, draining the intestines and preventing the concentration of insulin in the blood.

A-Lacys Reset

Counting for 25 mg in a PhenQ slimming capsule, the α-Lacys Reset ingredient consists of several molecules already present in the body. These include magnesium, alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine.

Magnesium (Mg) participates (along with calcium, sodium and potassium) in several hundred metabolic reactions in the human body. It is found mainly in teeth and bones but also in the liver, tendons, muscles, etc. (Its deficiency can, among other things, cause cramps, a malaise which is easily resolved by drinking mineral water which is rich in at least 85 mg per litre). Magnesium promotes muscle relaxation after exercise, helps keep the heart rate constant, lowers blood pressure and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

By activating the enzyme called AMP-kinase, alpha-lipoic acid (C 8 H 14 O 2 S 2 ) contributes to the reduction of body fat mass. It is also useful in converting sugar into energy, reducing fatigue and allowing muscles to regenerate quickly.

L-Cysteine ​​(C 3 H 7 NO 2 S) promotes the reconstitution of glutathione reserves, reduces oxidative stress, neutralizes free radicals, strengthens immune defences and contributes to respiratory health. It also regulates mood in menopausal women.

In summary, α-Lacys Reset helps burn fat, increase energy, reduce fatigue, slow cell aging, maintain heart rate, lower blood pressure, cleanse the body, and promote muscle recovery after exercise. effort.


Capsimax allows the body to burn a large number of calories (and therefore more fat) during and after physical exertion. According to a study, it allows you to burn 280 calories on average and increases the elimination of fats, lipids and sugar. Because of its effectiveness, this ingredient is sold on its own as a food supplement at the rate of 60 slimming capsules for the price of 30€.

It should be noted, however, that Capsimax is a complex of ingredients. It includes caffeine (whose benefits have already been specified in this article), capsicum (capsaicin: C 18 H 27 NO 3 ) which is a very effective fat-burner and appetite suppressant, niacin (C 6 H 5 NO 2 ) which, in addition to preventing the use of proteins, increases calorific expenditure for better use of energy. Capsimax also contains a small molecule, piperine (C 17 H 19 NO 3), found in spices such as black pepper. This molecule allows better digestion and good assimilation of nutrients. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties in the opinion of researchers. For Any Query, Visit Official Website Here!!

Advantages and Disadvantages

PhenQ is overall a very good slimming pill. It has many advantages, but also some disadvantages that we will see now.


  • The first advantage is that of feeling good about yourself from the start of taking PhenQ.
  • Then comes the fact of no longer wanting to snack on sugary or carbohydrate-rich foods so that you end up taking only one capsule a day instead of two.
  • Then comes the fact that PhenQ completely stops the production of new fat, in addition to burning the existing down to the smallest corners of the body.
  • Also, we have the advantage of having 5 slimming capsules combined in one.
  • Finally, the food supplement gives so much energy that it encourages the user to move and to practice at least one sporting activity.


  • The first disadvantage of PhenQ is related to its taste: several users find that the slimming capsule is a little unpleasant to the palate.
  • The second relates to any discomfort resulting from taking the food supplement: it can cause nausea and/or temporary headaches in some people.

Dosage: How to Take Phenq Pills?

PhenQ is taken without or with water twice a day. As a dietary supplement, you take it with breakfast and with lunch. Strict compliance with the doses specified in the instructions is important (two tablets must be taken per day). It is also not recommended to exceed the recommended doses. This could delay the desired fat loss process. PhenQ is taken at the same time as you eat. You can accompany it with a glass of water (according to your convenience). You can even take it with a glass of fruit juice to prevent the taste from lingering. The dosage remains the same for men and women: 2 tablets daily.

To start the phenq treatment, you do not have to wait for a priori for a specific period. Each box of the pill contains 60 tablets at the rate of two per day. According to the brand, a treatment must last at least 1 month. Rigorous treatment over approximately three consecutive months provides conclusive results. A fourth month is however possible for weight stabilization. The first changes are most often obtained within the first few weeks.

Phenq Reviews

If you are looking for a product to lose weight, you will find a multitude of proposals on the internet. They are mostly presented as “miracle products” but are not always satisfactory to use. Phenq on the other hand is a pill whose results are quite surprising. The slimming effect of this pill is not just a theory: changes are actually obtained with use. For more info check on this PhenQ fat burner review for more detailed info if this is the right weight loss pill for you.

With PhenQ, you can get rid of about fifteen pounds in just four months (provided you follow a healthy lifestyle on the side!), For a dosage of only two tablets per day. The treatment is really effective and is not formal at all. Even for people who have very little time, this treatment is suitable. You just have to wait a few weeks for the body to adapt to the treatment. In the same way that the pounds disappear, in the same way, the craving for fatty foods, sweets, etc. disappears.

The most interesting part of this treatment is that you don’t have any mood swings during the treatment. Weight loss happens naturally without any feelings of frustration or embarrassment.

Even if you’ve tried similar products so much that you’ve become reluctant to use them, trying Phenq for a month may change your mind. Bauer, Phenq’s original laboratory, is so proud of its product that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. In other words, if for 60 consecutive days of rigorous use of the product you do not obtain reliable results, it is possible to make your refund.

Finally, it should be added that PhenQ is an excellent weight loss process accelerator. In other words, your lifestyle during the treatment period is also important.

Where to Buy Phenq Weight Loss?

PhenQ is not found in pharmacies. To get one, please go directly to the brand’s official website. As a buyer, however, you should remain vigilant so as not to fall into the trap of counterfeit producers. Pay attention to promo offers and don’t be intimidated by price drops. The effective and reliable PhenQ dietary supplement can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s site. Several interesting promotions are made by the official site so that you get the maximum savings on your purchase.

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