Novel Ways to Kill Boredom on Your Phone

Boredom is the enemy. One that we all face. It’s unpleasant, and leaves us angry and frustrated, which can, in turn, influence our behavior in all kinds of negative ways. It can make us irritable and prone to overreaction. Which, is never good.

Psychology states that a person needs to be at a certain energy level to experience this unwanted phenomenon. If you’re low on arousal, then you’re relaxed, if you’re high, you’re engaged. So, boredom happens when you’re somewhere in-between. When you have a craving to do something, but the conditions to do so aren’t met, or you just have no idea on how to keep busy.

Luckily, we live in the age of the smartphone, which provides us with all kinds of unique ways and apps to kill our boredom, so we don’t grow antsy and aggravated. Thus, allowing us to better look after ourselves, both physically and mentally.


You’ve always wanted to do some good but never had the time, well, there are no excuses anymore. Micro-volunteering is a thing, and it’s something you can get in on. Actually, it’s something you should get in on.

You can be a blind person’s eyes for a bit, cheer up orphans with a doodle, take part in cutting-edge research, or just talk to the elderly for a while. It all adds up and makes a difference. You help others, and you help yourself by doing something worthwhile.

Play Slot Games

If you’ve never visited an online casino, then you’re probably not even aware of the different types of slots that are available today. Ones that you can even play for free. So, if boredom is kicking in, then what better way to snap out of it then with some games that feature amazing graphics, flashy animations, and stirring soundtracks.

If you do want to play for real money, then you’ll be treated to a welcome bonus, free spin rounds, skill-based mini-games, live tournaments, and the chance to land massive progressive jackpots. But, beware, things get exciting, quick.

Plan Your Meals

If you’re looking to lose weight, or are very conscious of your health, then a well-executed diet is essential. However, you don’t always have everything necessary at home to eat what you should. So, you eat what you have, and pay the price later on.

Proper management could not only save you money but also save you massive amounts of food. Food waste is a major problem, with adequate planning and the help of a dedicated app, you can make sure that you have what you need in the fridge, in the precise quantity.

Exercise Your Memory

There are simple apps that run you through a set of challenging games that can be both engaging and entertaining. These games help expand your mind, by developing your memory, attention, and reasoning skills. As you get further along, the levels get more complex, your brain strains, and more mental dexterity is needed.

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