Neuer Capital – Why It Should Be One of the Brokers You Should Consider

Are you considering signing up with an online broker so you can set foot in the trading industry? If you are doing that, you have made one of the best decisions of your life. There is no doubt that trading provides you with a great way to make money from home with great earning potentials. However, you have to wait for some time before you can reach a point where you can be successful with most of your trades and make the profit that you desire. To do that, you have to take your first step in the right direction, and that’s signing up with the right broker.

So, while you are considering the many potential brokers that you could sign up with in the future, I recommend that you give a shot to Neuer Capital as well. If you have not heard about this broker already, you will know a lot about it by the time you are done reading this review. When compared to other similar brokers on the internet, Neuer Capital has a lot to offer that most other brokers don’t. It might not be considered the best in the world right now, but I can tell you from my experience that it has the potential to be that. Let me help you know more as you read this detailed review of Neuer Capital.

Is Neuer Capital Scam or Legit?

There are some people online saying that there is a Neuer Capital scam going on. In the following review you will see that there is no Neuer Capital scam because from my personal experience this trading platform is legit and trustworthy.

Why Neuer Capital Can Be Your Next Broker

·         Focus on Digital Assets

There is nothing wrong with having a lot of different assets for trading. In fact, it is a great way to distribute your risk across many assets when you can invest your money in many different markets. However, you also have to keep in mind that risk distribution or portfolio diversification comes later in your trading career. These are the things you do when you have already become a professional trader. When you are a new trader, you want to focus on one thing so you can understand it better and then move on to other assets. Signing up with brokers that offer you assets in many different markets can be distracting at times.

I can tell you from experience that this happens a lot. For example, you are looking for an asset that you want to trade and then you run into one that shows some great signs of going high in value. You just can’t resist investing a few bucks in that asset despite the fact that you don’t understand it more than what you have seen instantaneously on the chart. So, this type of distraction can be very harmful to you. You have to focus on the assets that you know really well and can trade with confidence. That’s where I believe a broker like Neuer Capital does a great job.

I admire the fact that Neuer Capital has kept its focus on cryptocurrencies. It has been around for some time now but it has not shifted its focus. When you sign up with this broker, you will be trading cryptocurrencies as your primary and secondary assets. In other words, this platform is specifically for cryptocurrency traders.

·         Margins Are Comfortable

I hate it when you sign up with a broker that keeps biting out of the potential profits you can make on your trades. It is one thing to lose a trade, but it is completely another when you win a trade and still do not make anything out of it. It is like hunting in the jungle and then getting your food stolen by hyenas. That’s what happens when you sign up with a broker that does not let you make a lot of money because of its policies. In some cases, the broker you sign up with is going to take a lot of money from you in the form of commissions. Also, the leverages you receive on your trades are not big enough to provide you with any advantage.

On the other hand, I have felt that Neuer Capital makes trading easy for its traders by giving them options that help them increase their profits. For example, you will not have to pay any unnecessary commissions on your trades when you are with this broker. You will not have to pay such fees and hidden charges even when you are depositing funds in your account. Furthermore, you will get great leverages on your trades. I have noticed that there are many other brokers that offer you leverages, but I think the level of leverage that this broker has maintained is probably better.

·         You Have Choices

There is something that many new traders completely ignore when they sign up with an online broker for trading cryptocurrencies. See, you might think that Bitcoin is everything in the cryptocurrency world just like millions of other traders from around the world. To some extent, you can say that Bitcoin is everything. But you cannot completely ignore the other side of the market that literally contains thousands of other cryptocurrencies. It will not be wrong to say that some cryptocurrencies are actually more potential the Bitcoin, even if their values are not that huge.

These cryptocurrencies are solving some big problems of the world. For example, Bitcoin is all about trading currency units from one person to another or from a person to business. On the other hand, when you think about Ripple, it is there to become a standard that allows you to transfer money to any corner of the world without even changing your currency into a different one. It is supposed to be a network that will be equally beneficial for individuals as well as banks. So, considering these facts, you have to give worth to other cryptocurrencies as well.

You can be sure that many of these unknown cryptocurrencies are going to be some great and strong contenders in the coming times. So, if you are thinking about trading in the cryptocurrency market, don’t be under the impression that you can only trade Bitcoin. You have Litecoin, Ripple, and even Ethereum that you can trade with this broker once you are signed up with it. So, you will have a trading platform where you can trade cryptocurrencies of many different types.

Do keep in mind that you will be trading these cryptocurrencies against a particular fiat currency. I was thankful to the broker for providing me with some great options here. I thought I could only trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies against the USD. However, Neuer Capital has provided us with EUR and even AUD as options to trade against cryptocurrencies.

·         Deposits Made Easy

I didn’t want to bring this particular point up but I think I have to. To explain the importance of safe and convenient deposits, I have to bring up the issue that many brokers have with their deposit methods. First of all, they don’t always have the safe methods of depositing money for their traders. Additionally, they have some hidden charges associated with their deposits. When you deposit money in your account, they take a fee from you, which can be painful when you are already depositing a small amount in your account. With Neuer Capital, I never had to spend money on these unnecessary fees.

I also liked the fact that I had multiple options available of funding my account. You can deposit money in your account using a credit card. But you know what, I am not really a credit card guy. I always think that I will put myself in trouble by using a credit card. I don’t have a credit history because I don’t use credit cards at all. I only use the money I have in my account; this keeps me on track financially. So, I did not want to use a credit card with an online broker, but most brokers did not offer any other option. With Neuer Capital, I am happy that I can deposit money through a debit card as well.

In addition to that, the broker has also provided me with the option of bank wire transfer. I can deposit money in my account through this method, which is a bit slow but very reliable. When you sign up with Neuer Capital, you will also have these options available. However, do make sure that you have proper identification, physical address, and banking documents with you to prove your identity to the broker. This might seem a bit of a task, but this requirement is there for your safety.

·         Protection of Information

The protection of information should matter a lot to you no matter which type of trader you are and which part of the world you are trading from. The information you provide to the broker when you sign up and withdraw money from your account is of sensitive nature. You never want someone to get a hold of this information because they can harm you in many ways if they have this information. For example, when you sign up with the broker, you will have to provide not only your driver’s license number but also a picture of the license.

Moreover, you will be required by the broker to submit an original and paid utility bill that proves your physical address. Last but not least, you will have to submit the pictures of your debit or credit card as well. All of these pictures are required to prove that you are providing information from the documents that you own. It is easy for someone who has stolen all of this information from someone to provide it on the website. However, the only thing they cannot do is prove that they own the documents off which they are reading the information. Now, since the broker is collecting such sensitive information from you, there is no reason to hesitate to ask that your information is being protected properly.

If the broker does not have proper measures to protect your information, you should not sign up with it in the first place. However, you will have peace of mind just like I did when I signed up with this broker. I checked the broker’s website and found out that it had proper SSL certificates. In addition to that, Neuer Capital is protecting my information through the latest standards of encryption. I can trade with confidence and a sense of security with this broker.

·         Cryptocurrency Signals

I remember one of my friends telling me when I started trading that I had to take advantage of trading signals. I was not happy with the idea of getting external help at first. I thought I could do my own analysis of the assets and predict on the basis of all the information I collected. However, I was thoroughly wrong in imagining that. When you are a trader, you don’t call signals external help. In fact, they are your personal tools to make sure that you are predicting the movement of the price of an asset accurately. How can you jump in the battlefield without your weapons and think you are going to win the war?

I quickly realized the importance of using signals in trading. Unfortunately, you don’t always get signals from online brokers. Some of them don’t introduce you that idea and others charge you extra fees for providing you with trading signals. I have become a fan of this broker for providing me with reliable trading signals that helped me a great deal in entering successful trades. You, too, can get help from trading signals. The best part is that you will not even have to go to any other platform because the broker you are signing up with is providing you with reliable trading signals.

Final Thoughts

Should Neuer Capital be one of the brokers that are you are thinking about signing up with? I can say a simple “yes” to answer that question. However, I want to be as fair as possible and that’s why I have reviewed all the features of the broker so you can know more about it and make up your mind. With this information, you are in the position to make a well-informed decision and pick a broker that will help you with your trading career.

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