Music today, its meaning and story

The word “music” refers to a world full of diverse ideas and people. An engaging activity of combining  vocal and instrumental sounds together is a dream of many. Across all genres, some songs and artists  easily speak to the crowds and get their admiration. Few of the preeminent artists would do it without their
favourite instruments!

The Latin word ‘music’ originates from ‘muse’ in ancient Greek. It’s considered to be the most inspirational source of people’s emotional state. It constitutes their joys and sad moments world-widely. Expressions such as ‘preaching to the choir’, ‘blowing your own trumpet’, or ‘music to someone’s ears’ are surprisingly
common. No wonder if music surrounds us insistently! Hans Christian Andersen once said that ‘Life is like  a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up’.

Among many, there is one instrument that is bluntly and abundantly popular among people of all ages. It’s  ancient and noble, and its history can be traced back over 4000 years. Aclam Guitars knows the roots of it and cares attentively about its nowadays existence in the world of music.

The story of the guitar starts with ancient string instruments. The earliest objects of this kind are bowl harps and tanburs created with the use of tortoise shells and calabashes, bent sticks and gut or silk strings. The best-known tanbur belonged to the Egyptian singer Har-Mose. Currently, it’s exposed in the Archaeological Museum in Cairo. The instrument’s body had three strings and a plectrum suspended from the neck by a cord. Its sound-box was made of cedarwood and had a rawhide soundboard.

Years 2500 – 2000 CE brought more advancement to the musical inventions. From there, to the times which enable us to buy pedalboards online, some time has passed…

The oldest known representation of a guitar is a stone carving at Alaca Huyuk in Turkey, (3300-year-old).  The genesis of the word “guitar” comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for “string” (“tar”). “Se-tar” had three “tar”, “panch-tar” had five “tar”, and so on. When the time came, a guitar made its way from Egypt
and Mesopotamia to Europe. Early on, they had most predominantly four strings. By the beginning of the  Renaissance, it was a dominating trend. The five-course guitar came into being in Spain in the 16th century.

Music has always been one of the most meaningful means of communication and it was influential to the lives of people from various social levels for ages. Ludwig van Beethoven claimed that “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”. Apart from it being in the center of attention for many of us,
apparently, music is highly beneficial to health. It increases IQ and improves our general well-being. What’s surprising, it concerns even plants. A piece of relaxing music is even able to heighten a cow’s milk production!

The range of accessories that serves for guitar is wide. Be sure to secure your power supply, manage cable routing in a tidy manner, or create custom tier configurations. Combine pedalboards and smart accessories to customise your guitar and bass pedalboard. Be professional. Get to know a new, astonishing world of possibilities. Keep all your cables tidy, and aim for a perfect balance between resistance and lightweight. Look for unique stability! Thanks to the modular system everything is possible.

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