Most popular casino games in UK casinos

The UK has largely been influenced by cultures and games from across the world, due to their colonisation and expansionist mindset. Their choice of gambling games and casino mainstays often reflects the trends of the world itself, as they seem to be quite capable of both setting up trends and following them. Even in this modern age, they tend to stand out and have a respectable casino heritage to call upon.

In general, games that were once thought of as purely British, such as Pontoon or Bingo have been made obsolete by the mainstay favourites and their many variations. Many top online casinos uk offer all of these variants and in a manner that’s easier to play and follow than usual. Be sure to check out the offers for any of the games that end up intriguing you or sounding like you might enjoy them.

The Most Popular Games in UK Casinos
Today we’ll be taking a look at games that are hugely popular both in physical and online casinos. These are games that have stood the test of time and been around for a long time now, having proven their staying power and long-term appeal. Furthermore, they are on the TOP lists at casinos not blocked by Gamstop and do not seem to leave it in the near future. Obviously, other games are popular as well, but we shall be focusing on the three that have been statistically proven to have the most players…

Roulette – The name, as well as the game itself, comes from France. Literally meaning “little wheel” (creative, no?) the game has been considered extremely elegant and refined from its very beginnings. Some legends say that the game itself began as a way for French army officers and mercenaries to settle disputes in a way that showed who was clearly favoured by chance but allowing for some strategy, with subsequent spins. To this day, the basic formula has not changed and it has remained a high-class staple of hotels and casinos everywhere, as it was in the 18th century.

The basic premise is simple. You bet on where the little ball is going to land, within the 36 pockets. Keep in mind that the game is usually considered pure chance, so much so that even the most avid card counting gamblers, banned from most other game types in casinos, are allowed to play this. You can maximise your odds of success by betting on the 50-50 outcomes like red or black, higher or lower than 18 and so on. There is even an option of betting the precise number and colour and so on.

The appeal of this game is obvious, as it is truly based on luck and the many variants allow you to risk as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. You might be interested to know that there are American and European variants to roulette.

Blackjack – The origin of this game and its name are still a mystery to this day. Some claim that it was made by the Spanish, or perhaps the French, even a few going as far as to say the Nevada casinos first standardised it. That last theory seems more plausible when you consider that there was a certain Black Jack, a mobster of the early 20th century, who might have served as inspiration for the name.

Now, moving on to the game itself, you are possibly aware that the end goal is to get 21, total. Using a combination of numbered cards and picture ones, you are trying to beat the dealer. The good thing is that you can often times rely on a good initial 2 cards setup to go for a higher bet, it’s allowed, but you’re stuck with just one more card, then. Another good strategy is to try and get as close to 21 as possible and then just wait for the dealer to go over or not be able to beat you.

The appeal of this game is that it has strategy, and allows for massive winnings. Some even claim it’s refreshing to not have to compete against other casino goers and instead just try to beat the house, or the dealer, as it were.

Slots – The youngest game on here by a factor of centuries, slots are still extremely popular and have garnered such a cult following that they have colloquial names in England (fruit machines) and Scotland (puggies).

The main draw and popularity of slot machines both is that games are extremely fast, easy to understand and can win you a huge sum of money with an incredibly low investment. People gravitate towards them and it’s a well-known fact they are given the most space in casinos.

The appeal is also in how colourful and fun the experience is. Many have said they don’t feel bad losing a few pounds at the slot machines, or often even more than that, because it was actually enjoyable.

While there is a fair bit of difference between these games, you will notice all of them are designed to be at least fun, challenging or allow for lots of earnings. That is why they remain the top three.

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