Marko Stout, the Reinvention of Visual Artistry

As the landscape of visual artistry wavers and weakens in New York, signified by the closing of galleries and a creeping monotony in style and vision, there is one glimmer of hope, a sign of change on the horizon. Marko Stout has quickly risen to fame for his dynamic, deeply enriching visual art that rouses unique vibrancy “when our realities can bleed color and juxtaposition.” Renowned by celebrities, collectors, and dealers alike, Marko Stout is a force to be reckoned with in the world of art and continues to shake the very foundations on which photography, film, beauty, sensuality, and everything in between, are forged.

Stout’s Groundbreaking Work

Stout’s work is an abstract, yet piercing expression of culture and dark sensuality, representing contemporary fashion with a timeless perspective. Often regarded as the cutting-edge of pop glamour, Stout’s ingenuity is a manifestation venereal sensuality, offering viewers the freedom to explore venereal wantonness within the confines of their mind’s eye, while maintaining an external sense of discipline, acceptable to societal norms.

His art has been displayed at some of the most well-known exhibitions, both internationally and in the US, including the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York City 2017, Jason Samuels Gallery in South Beach, Miami 2016, Berlin Art Week in Berlin, Germany 2015 and Miami’s famed Art Basel. His most recent video art exhibition at the Tribeca Gallery in Fall 2019 drew some of the biggest names in entertainment, along with art insiders from all over the globe. The exhibition is still indisputably regarded as the highlight of the NYC 2019 art season.

Stout shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. He is set to produce this year’s International Art and Film Festival, and it is the hope of many that he carries the torch of visual artistry into the next decade. His pieces are so brilliant and transformative that Stout has been repeatedly compared to legendary artists such as Andy Warhol, and is regarded to be, unquestionably, a leader in the new wave of artistic expression.

A Favorite of Celebrities

Celebrity collectors of the artist include RuPaul, Caitlyn Jenner, Katie Couric, Debra Messing, and many more, Stout’s art has yet to be disesteemed by anyone with a taste for fine art.

RuPaul praised the artist, saying “Marko Stout has charisma, nerve, and uniqueness, and talent!” and is revered by Katie Couric to be an “artist extraordinaire.” Stout has been featured on NBC’s Today Show as well for his endless efforts to produce imagery that “violently flips the narratives of the human condition.”

Marko Stout is, in nearly every sense of the term, self-made. He originates from humble beginnings on the Jersey Shore and San Francisco Bay, where he lived on a houseboat. Stout spent his California days drinking and smoking weed with a neighbor who happened to be own a gallery and dabble as a painter, trained at the Art Institute of Chicago. With some encouragement and informal teachings from his friend, Stout went on to become the transformative artist he is today, venerated by artists worldwide.

But, now with much of cultural society on hold do to the COVID-19 virus the art world waits in earnest admiration to see just what Marko Stout, the reinventor of visual artistry, has in store for this upcoming exhibitions when things return to normal.

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