Major Dental Procedures You Can Get In Tampa.

Taking care of your hygiene is one of the essential things one can do to protect themselves. As you’d expect, having good oral hygiene also saves you a lot of trouble going to the dentist.


Though dental issues may be severe, you’d need a more specialized professional to help you. In particular, consulting a VIPcare dentist in Tampa for any major dental procedures would be your best bet.


But first, let’s define what services are considered major procedures.


What are major procedures?


Dental services are typically divided into three categories, mainly basic, preventative, and major procedures. Generally speaking, major services constitute the most advanced dental care that requires special equipment.


Moreover, these are often designed for cosmetic and restorative approaches to improve an individual’s comfort, even those dedicated to people who require emergency dental services.


Which are covered under this?


Like we’ve mentioned, these are several measures that are harder to accomplish than their counterparts, labeling the following as a major dental procedure:


Dental implants


Requesting dental implants is a go-to option for people suffering from missing teeth that make them feel insecure with their appearance due to evident alteration in facial features. Additionally, it’s the recommended treatment by dentists if the patient finds it difficult to consume any food or drinks with ease, thanks to the destroyed roots of the teeth that heighten a person’s sensitivity to cold and hot foods.


Before the surgery, your dentist would check your teeth, jawbone, and gums to ensure that the area could sustain a dental implant. If it’s too soft or thin, the patient would be referred to a bone graft treatment before proceeding with the implant.


Extracting wisdom tooth


A wisdom tooth extraction is a treatment suggested to individuals who have an extra set of molars in the back of their mouth. Usually, people in the age range of 17 to 25 struggle with this situation. At the appointment, the dentist would be able to see this condition through an X-ray result. Leaving these for too long could put you in discomfort as your mouth can’t provide enough room for these teeth to grow, leading them to be impacted and bring pain.


This is because they’re at risk of being trapped with your gums and jawbones. What’s more, they typically invite gum diseases or cavities since you can’t floss these areas. When that happens, a dentist will talk you through your current health conditions, the medications you regularly take, and discuss your chosen anesthesia: local, general, or IV sedation.


Root canal


The root canal treatment involves removing the soft center of the teeth called “pulp.” This pulp is a bundle of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues that assists the growth of a tooth. If the patient brought up a concern about the pulp being infected or inflamed, their dentist would likely advise a root canal procedure to prevent further damage to the tooth’s structure.


Once an agreement has been discussed, you would be escorted to the treatment room and injected with anesthesia. As soon as it takes effect, your dentist will begin the process by making a small opening at the top of the tooth. This will expose the affected pulp and will be removed using files before carefully cleaning out the tooth canals. Afterward, the area would be coated with a topical antibiotic to avoid the possibility of infection.


The dentist will then disinfect your canals, fill them, and use a sealer paste and gutta-percha to shut the tooth. As a result, the sealant will serve as protection for the canals from the patient’s saliva.




Major dental services are typically costly because of the procedure’s complicated nature, needed equipment, and advanced knowledge in this sector. So for your sake, we highly encourage you to choose an insurance plan that includes dental care in its comprehensive plan coverage to cut down on the pocket money you’d take out in each session.

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