Live better with cancer: How to get ready for hospital stay and recovery

Are you planning to undergo a mastectomy? Well, hospital stay and recovery isn’t that easy. It requires adequate preparation and planning. From what you will need in the hospital to how you will recover faster, understanding everything to do with mastectomy is important. Luckily, this article is going to sample some of the best tips that will help you get ready for your hospital stay and recovery. Keep reading.

Pack What You Need

Pack the essentials. From clothes, underwear, to a towel, you will need to your personal belongings before and after surgery. Get beauty products ready. Things like shampoos should b packed. Get your favourite lotion. If you love a certain food, prepare it and get it into the freezer. It will help you after the surgery. The bottom line is to pack early and avoid a last-minute rush.

Update Your Loved Ones

During and after the operation, your doctor will communicate with one of your friends or family member about your progress and results. So, live better with cancer by making make arrangements on how that point person is going to update others about your condition and who should be on that particular list.

Most often, group emails or texts are the most convenient. But if you prefer phone calls, ensure that you limit it to only one or two people who’ll then call others. Don’t be afraid. Let people know about it- remember, a problem shared is half-solved.

Plan Ahead

Put some small pillows in your car so that you can put them under the seatbelt which goes across your chest. If you also have an abdominal operation as part of your reconstructive surgery, it’s recommended that you utilize a lap blanket. You also want to make sure that you take some of your prescribed medication before leaving the medical facility.

Prep Your Kitchen

Before undergoing surgery, ensure that you make and freeze enough meals. Stock up some pre-made foods such as sandwiches, salads, fruits, veggies, yogurt, as well as nuts. And if your friends and family suggest bringing meals, let them do so. Ask them to bring what you love most.

Don’t forget to purchase smaller sizes of milk and juices. Besides, if you’ve to use any bulky items, like laundry detergents and dry dog food, make sure that you put them in smaller containers so that you can easily lift them.


Get things that will give you maximum comfort. Remember, during this time you require maximum comfort. So, get things like books, towels, and pillows. Also, don’t forget to bring adult books, your favorite magazine, and adult books. Also, if you love challenging your mind get the best puzzle book. Reading glasses will help you read the books without struggling or glare. You can also get your laptop and tock it with all the reading material you want. It will make you busy and speed up the recovery process.

The Bottom-Line

Mastectomy can pin patients down. It can be demanding at the time. Also, it can result in suffering. However, you don’t have to suffer anymore. All you need to equip yourself with the above tips—especially when it comes to getting ready for hospital stay and recovery. From packing the essentials to bringing things along that can guarantee you maximum comfort—these are the tips you need for your hospital stay and quick recovery. 

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