Jobs for Gaming Fans in Sheffield and Yorkshire

Gaming is a popular hobby with many people, especially here in Sheffield. Being a university city, Sheffield is home to two big gaming communities: the Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union eSports Society and SLUGS at Sheffield University.

As a result of this, the city is packed with many talented players, many of whom are interested in the wider gaming industry. Then, as these gamers move from academia into the world of work, many seek jobs that align with their passion.

To capture this talent and excitement for gaming, there are several studios that have opened up in the city of Sheffield and the surrounding areas, creating a wealth of job opportunities.

There are plenty of different job roles on offer in the gaming industry. Of course, there are technical roles, such as programmers who write the lines of code that go into the games.

Then, there are roles ideal for numerically-minded people, as game titles rely heavily on numbers and other mathematical systems to function correctly.

For example, casino games are based on probabilities, which you may know as the house edge or the “return to player rate” (RTP). The RTP of slots measures the theoretical return that a player could expect if they played for an infinite amount of time. The RTP is controlled by complex calculations and systems, which require people with these skills.

Similarly, video games that use procedural generation to create maps and other in-game objects on the fly require people with the specific skills to create complicated algorithms.

Of course, that isn’t all. There are people needed to design games, write the narrative, record the voice acting, manage the projects, and even promote the finished product. So no matter where your talents lie, there’s a job in gaming for almost everyone, including many right here in Yorkshire.

Sumo Sheffield

Sumo Digitial is a leading video game development company that was founded right here in Sheffield by Carl Cavers, Paul Porter, Darren Mills, and James North-Hearn.

19 years later, the company has bases in several major English towns and cities, including Nottingham, Newcastle, and Warrington.

The company and its subsidiaries employ more than 750 people and it has created a range of titles for both itself and other companies. This includes creating parts of games like Sega Rally, Forza, OutRun, and Virtua Tennis and being the lead developer on F1 2009, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Snake Pass.

Sumo is almost always recruiting, and, as of the time of writing, its list of job adverts includes art managers and directors, animators, artists, programmers, and QA testers.

If you do choose to work there, you’ll be in good hands as the company has been ranked as a “World Class Place to Work” by Best Companies.

Red Kite Games

Another game studio located in Sheffield is Red Kite Games, although it was initially founded by former employees of Rockstar Leeds. The company was actually acquired by Sumo in 2019, but it still operates as a separate division with a unique identity.

Red Kite is smaller than Sumo, but it’s worked on some big titles including Hogwarts Legacy, Mafia II, Two Point Hospital, and even Grand Theft Auto.

With a repertoire like that, it’s a place where many gamers would love to work. If you’re among them, then you may be in luck as Red Kite regularly recruits for new designers, programmers, animators, artists, and QA people.


Intelivita is a mobile app development company with a base in Leeds. It has worked with major brands like Microsoft and ITV, but it also has a strong gaming division.

It’s developed a range of innovative titles over the years, including the crime-solving game Clued App, Blob & Friends, and Mow Mow.

The team also has a lot of VR and AR experience, meaning that if you join them, you’ll be at the forefront of this new technology. In fact, Intelivita has even been rated as a “Top Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Company” by GoodFirms.



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