Jimmy Choo: Aiming for the Moon with Its Luxury Shoes and Accessories

Two decades is nothing in the fashion establishment, yet Jimmy Choo managed to wow enough followers to be regarded as a leading British brand in luxury shoemaking.

Before the year 1996, there was no such luxury fashion brand called Jimmy Choo! If you are an avid follower of fashion, you know how tough it is to break into the upmarket with many traditional leaders holding a strong grip over its followers and fans. Yet, this relatively new fashion brand made a good name for itself with its great range of shoes, fragrances, handbags, and accessories.

Synonymous with playful, daring, and powerful women, Jimmy Choo has created a glamorous persona for itself. Some of their shoes are destined to be regarded as iconic over time, with the company already recognized around the world. So, let’s learn a bit more about this incredible Millennial brand from below.

A Bespoke Shoemaker Loved by the Stars

You may have heard of Mr Jimmy Choo – the co-founder of his eponymous brand. His shoes were worn by Princess Diana, after all, who was one of Mr. Choo’s plethora of private clients. He was a much-revered bespoke shoemaker of his time, hands down.

Based in the East End of London, the Malaysian Chinese couture footwear designer made some special shoes for his special clients in the early part of the 1990s. In 1996, he teamed up with Tamara Mellon – the British Vogue accessories editor and founded the fashion house. Sandra Choi, the nephew of the namesake founder joined as the creative director of the brand. She was already in charge of the East End atelier anyways.

The company managed a Fastrack route to luxury market prominence, thanks largely to the star attractions it created. Featured in Sex and the City and worn by Oscar-attending celebrities on the red carpet, it immediately captured the attention of millions of women around the world. Once they tried out their comfortable, yet glamorous shoes, the women were destined to fall head over heels to have a pair in their wardrobes! Jimmy Choo was worn by Michelle Obama, for god’s sake!

What Makes Jimmy Choo Special?

Under the guidance of Sandra Choi, who has been at the helm of creative responsibilities from the company’s inception, Jimmy Choo continues to deliver incredibly crafted shoes of the finest quality. Their diverse roots obviously make their design choices richer, while the impeccable Italian craftsmanship makes the unique visions an opulent reality.

The choices are pretty elaborate, with sexy cut shoes wrapped in everything from monochrome simplicity to the animal print extravaganza. Jimmy Choo shoes can be worn both to overdress or underdress, while also fitting in effortlessly with any of your outfits. Its collections are pretty big too, from the brand’s trademark elegant flat, glitter pump to studded stiletto making up a collection with pairs of exclusive shoes. The sturdy pairs of boots, on the other hand, make the brand as comprehensive as it could get.

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