Is Whisky Still a Good Investment?

Investing in alcohol is usually a good bet, but is that still the case?

Yes, it is. There are many reasons why someone would invest in alcohol, but the benefits of whisky specifically are great.

Joining a great Whisky Club is a perfect example of how alcohol consumption has evolved. The way it is consumed, distributed, and collected are always changing, which is great for investors.

There will be many new innovations to happen in the field of high-alcohol consumption, and consequently, there will always be money to be made.

So, here are three reasons why investing in whisky is still a good idea.

Better With Age

Most whiskies require a minimum of three years of age to be considered a whisky. However, some batches are aged for much longer. The longer the spirit ages, the different complex flavors are created within it.

This offers a great and almost limitless opportunity for investors. As spirits are aged, re-invented, and re-discovered, collectors are always on the prowl for something new. In essence, whisky is a sure investment by the simple fact that time does not stop for anyone.

However, just because a batch has been aged for a long time does not mean it will be worth a lot of money. Instead, there is a whole science involved with the appraisal of fine spirits. Do research before making any decisions.


There are many different levels to investing in whisky. For some, they look to invest at the level of distribution. Perhaps, they open a store that serves exclusively high-valued spirits. Or, it can be the parent who enjoys a glass at the end of the day.

With that in mind, some collectors build impressive private collections and trade them with other collectors. These prized bottles can lead to an entire underground world of whisky enthusiasts.


If history has taught civilization anything, it’s that alcohol is essential. Prohibition had cemented alcohol in the US culture and around the world at unprecedented levels.

During the recent coronavirus pandemic, this testament has stood true once again as people quarantined and isolated themselves from the rest of the world alcohol occupied the boredom.

New passions and interests are formed, and behold, a new generation of whisky enthusiasts have been born. It will be interesting to see how the world of whisky evolves.

So, Remember

Drink responsibly, and invest equally so. Do the research and make sure that the market is fully understood before making any decisions.

When it comes to investing, it is always a gamble. There is no such thing as a sure investment. But, there are better investments than others.

History says that investing in alcohol is a good idea. Collectors will always want new and strange things to delight their senses. Oftentimes they are willing to part with large amounts of money to do so.

However, the most astounding truth about whisky that will always drive investors is that it gets better with age.

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