Is Skrill Safe to Use at Online Casinos?

Skrill is an e-wallet service that works pretty much like PayPal. Before it rebranded, the service was known as Moneybookers and leaned heavily towards gambling payments. While Skrill may not be a household name like PayPal, it’s used by tens of millions of users worldwide. In the off-chance that you’re not familiar with e-wallets, they are the modern-day version of the wallet or billfold that you keep in your pocket. Your Skrill account can house debit cards, credit cards, and real cash in multiple currencies.


When you visit any top-tier online casino, it’s highly likely that Skrill will not only be an accepted banking option, but also a preferred one. As such, you’ll be able to make a first deposit at play free online slots using your welcome deposit. Whether you’re funding your account or requesting a payout, Skrill provides unparalleled safety, privacy, and the ultimate convenience.


The payment platform has also expanded beyond its online gambling roots to provide a comprehensive suite of services. Skrill now has a Visa card that customers can use to make online purchases on sites like Amazon and eBay. But is Skrill your best bet for making safe and reliable online casino payments? Let’s take a closer look.

Making Your First Deposits

Setting up your Skrill electronic wallet is a straightforward affair. But before using Skrill to make an online casino deposit, you’ll need to register at one of the best gambling sites. Registering with Skrill and setting up your debit or credit cards only takes a couple of minutes. You can even complete the entire process on your mobile device. After you’re all set, you can visit the cashier at your online casino and select Skrill as your preferred deposit method. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit and enter your Skrill username and password. Skrill will instantly transfer your payment to the online casino and you can start enjoying your favourite games.

Let’s Explore the Advantages

There are virtually countless reasons why you’d want to use Skrill to make your online casino deposits and withdrawals. For a start, you can save a lot of time. Once you set up your e-wallet, you can make online payments without entering your bank or credit account information each time. If you’re particular about security, then what happens behind the scenes will excite you even more. Although it’s recommended that you only register at fully registered UK online casinos, you can’t be too careful. When you use Skrill, you are rest assured that an online casino will not get hold of your precious banking information. The e-wallet operator simply sends real cash on your behalf.


Funding your Skrill account is also a matter of entering your personal and bank details and waiting for approval. You can then add real money using a bank account, credit card, or countless other banking options. As we mentioned before, deposits are straightforward—but Skrill shines when it comes to requesting payouts. Skrill online casino cashouts are always among the quickest available options. Why wait to get a cheque in the mail or deal with the snail-paced wire transfers?

What Separates Skrill from the Pack?

Skrill doesn’t only use two-factor authentication and advanced encryption to guarantee the safety of customer funds, but the company is fully regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security on top of the usual email address and password. Customers also need to have a physical object. For example, Skrill sends a 2FA code to customer mobile devices using a software security token. The use of standard login details together with 2FA makes it more challenging for fraudsters and identity thieves to access your account and steal your personal data.


There are also quite a few things that players can do to ensure that their Skrill and online casino accounts are safe. You should always closely guard your personal and bank information. Don’t hesitate to ask why anyone who asks for extra information wants it for. Avoid clicking on redirect links and banner ads. Instead, enter the website URL manually into your browser. Also, maintain unique passwords that don’t include obvious cues like your name or birthday.

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