Is Blackjack the best casino card game?

Since 1700s France, Blackjack has been a popular casino game enjoyed by the masses. Originally known as Vingt-et-Un, which is a direct translation of Twenty-one, the game involves beating the dealer with a hand as close – or equal to – 21 as possible, without going over.

Deemed as one of the most popular classic casino games of all time, it’s rare you’ll walk into any modern-day casino, whether it be land-based or online, where you won’t find a game of Blackjack.

But, is Blackjack truly the best casino card game? Read on to find out!

Ways to play

Not only can you play Blackjack at most land-based venues, but you can also play online in many different ways. That’s right – to spice up the usual gameplay, online casinos offer not only digital games hosted by a Random Number Generator (RNG), but you can also play Sky Vegas live Blackjack, for example, as well as themed variations!

You can play at any time you’d like, on any device, anywhere you have internet access, making Blackjack not only easy to play, but easily accessible, too!

Easy to understand

Speaking of Blackjack being easy to play, the game being fairly straightforward and simple to get the hang of is another reason the title of ‘best casino card game’ swings in its favour.

The rules are fairly simple, with the options to ‘stand’, ‘hit’, ‘fold’ or ‘double down’, as your hand is dealt in an attempt to equal the value of 21, without going over.

Cards one to 10 stand at their pip value, whilst face cards also equal 10 and Aces equal either one or 11 depending on which best suits your gameplay.

Low house edge

Another reason Blackjack is one of the best casino card games is the fact it has one of the lowest house edges you’ll find. On average, the house edge of a game of Blackjack is 1%-2%, but this can vary depending on the number of card decks used. A standard game generally uses six 52-card packs, but this is definitely worth checking out when picking the Blackjack table you wish to sit at, in order to make the most of the low house edge.

There is a basic strategy

Blackjack, like all casino games, is still a game of chance, but there’s a basic strategy you can learn to make the best decisions depending on the hand you’re dealt.

Many casino gift shops will provide you with a small basic strategy card, which you’ll be allowed to refer to during a game. Of course, you can also learn the basic strategy of Blackjack online, so you always know the best moves to make and options available to you whilst playing.

You can make educated predictions

Whilst card counting is frowned upon, it’s not illegal. And you don’t have to keep track of every single card in order to make an educated prediction. By simply paying attention to how many low or high cards are in play, you can make some pretty good guesses about your chances, which could then influence your next move – helping you minimise your losses, or reach the value of 21.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that Blackjack has many benefits, and why the game has seen many players over the centuries it’s reigned in popularity. So, do you think you have what it takes to beat the dealer to 21 in what is clearly the best casino card game?

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