Introducing the Sheffield Food Producers Collective

The Sheffield Food Producers Collective is a group of local Sheffield food producers, passionate about creating amazing and award-winning products.

The current situation with Covid-19 means a lot of our beloved independents are either closed for an indefinite period or are slogging away on their own delivery service. This collective, from which you can place an order with through City Grabcan offer your fix of Sheff indies whilst you’re safely isolating.


Russian Pies
This goes back to Leeza’s family business which started in the 1800s in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now in Sheffield, six generations of old fashioned baking knowledge has been passed on, ready to be delivered directly to your door!

Moss Valley Fine Meats
Moss Valley produce pork, bacon, ham and sausages in their own butchery from pigs bred and reared on their farm in the beautiful Moss Valley in North East Derbyshire by the family that has lived and farmed there for a hundred years.

Bullion Chocolate
Inspired by the ancient Maya Indians, who valued the cocoa bean so much that it was used as currency, Bullion Chocolate decided to source the finest cocoa beans from across the globe; and produce single origin, craft chocolate from bean to bar. It’s ace.
Yee Kwan Ice Cream
An award-winning family run artisan ice cream company. At Yee Kwan lots of love and care goes into creating their delicious ice creams and sorbets with exciting and innovative flavours which have been inspired by the Far East.

Smith Street Coffee Roasters
Great tasting, small-batch lightly roasted beans that bring out the individual flavours and character of single origin coffees or delicious blends roasted a shade darker to make the perfect milk based drinks.

The Hedgerow Preserving Company
The Hedgerow Preserving Company was established in October 2011 and has been producing preserves ever since. Choose from some excellent jams, marmalades and chutneys on the CityGrab app.

Sheffield Cheesemasters
With an unwavering passion for making unique cheeses with the best local produce, Sheffield Cheesemasters describe themselves as urban cheesemakers, based in Kelham Island. They work with farmers who produce top-notch milk to give you the highest quality cheese in the heart of the city.

The Sheffield Food Producers Collective is on City Grab right now. To order, head here.

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