Iceland: 4 Ways to Save on Your Online Grocery Shopping

Iceland is a very popular supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, mainly dedicated to the sale of frozen products. The name of this brand comes from the idea of “glacial coolness” of the products available in this shop. The company’s success can be attributed to its history, which began in the 1970s thanks to the entrepreneur Malcolm Walker. Today, the brand does not only deal with the specific category of frozen products, but also offers its customers non-frozen items such as fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products.

The Iceland supermarket has always been looking for the best strategy to help its customers to save money, and over the years the firm’s special promotions have changed. In the past, the company’s “Buy One and get One for Free” promotions or the famous “Meal Deals” were very successful and attractive, while today Iceland has adapted its strategy to the contemporary pandemic situation. So, in order to continue saving money on purchases from Iceland, check out these important tips:


One of the advantages of the online grocery shopping is that there is a wide range of discounts that can be easily applied. In fact, all it takes is a simple search on the internet to find a Iceland discount code applicable to the purchase. There are so many different sorts and they can be applied in different ways, depending on the type of product. Sometimes the discount is applied to the desired product, while in other cases the reduction is valid for a second purchase. In order to be able to choose between the two types, it is only necessary to search the web. This is a very simple tip to use, accessible to everyone and it could really change the way people shop.


Iceland’s official website has opened a new special section called “Half Price Deals”. What is it all about? It is a web page specifically dedicated to all those products that are currently being sold at half the usual price. The list of items in this category changes frequently, of course, and the products on offer are not always the same. Therefore, a good way to save money would be to consult this section before buying any products at full price.


Those who are not used to shopping on the web probably do not know that Iceland sells some of its products exclusively online at very low prices. There is actually a department on the website called “Online Exclusive”, which you can find directly among the offers, where there are some items that are not available in normal retail shops. So, doing grocery shopping online with Iceland really helps the client to save a lot of money!

4. £1.00 VALUE

Finally, here is the ultimate way to save money: the one-pound items. Everything on this specific section of the website costs £1 or even less! This category is the most attractive for the customer, because he or she will be able to spend as little as possible. Regardless of the type of product, the client won’t pay more than one pound. Not bad, right?

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