Huawei Watch 3: The Exquisite New Release


Huawei Watch 3 is the latest Huawei release. It is a smartwatch that uses the company’s very own operating system, namely HarmonyOS. Flaunting a sleek design, this smartWatch is bound to fit seamlessly in your life. Moreover, since it comes as a proper smartWatch, you can now make calls without needing a smartphone.

Huawei Watch 3 is designed to perform a variety of functions. It excels at fitness tracking, health monitoring, and a lot more. In addition, the Huawei Watch 3 Pro provides a compelling set of processes and controls. These qualities make it the perfect choice for a large number of people. Now, let’s uncover the details of this watch.

Design and build

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro possesses a premium titanium body and a 22mm standard strap. Typically, luxury watches tend to weigh heavier. However, Watch 3 weighs merely 63 grams ( note: without any strap). Therefore, it has a gentle feel on the wrist. So you don’t feel uncomfortable or weigh down even one bit.

Furthermore, this watch doesn’t stop you from looking chic. It comes with a rubber and a metal strap. You can change the straps as per your wishes. Moreover, it also allows you to change its face. You can choose from up to 1000 designs!

Benefits of buying Huawei watch 3

Keep track of your health

The smartWatch keeps track of your pulse. As a result, it is an excellent alternative to expensive medical machinery. A smartWatch keeps track of your pulse, breathing rate, calories burnt through exercise, and a general follow-up of your body’s current state. You are allowed to access the pulse rate of the previous six hours through a chart. Moreover, it has a fall detector, which will alert your designated contact if it detects a sudden forceful movement. Not only this, if you are someone who suffers from anxiety. Or are prone to low oxygen levels. You can immediately check your SpO2 through the watch.

Tackle calls with a simple gesture

We have all been in situations where we don’t have the luxury to access our phones. For some, it is an important office meeting. For others, it is a family gathering. Whatever it is, with a Watch 3 around your wrist, you don’t have to worry about such trivialities at all. Instead, clench your fist to answer a call or rotate your wrist to the side to mute it.

Long battery life

Unlike most other devices today, the Huawei Watch 3 battery lasts longer. It is primarily because the Bluetooth fitted in it takes very little space. As a result, Huawei Watch 3 guarantees a smooth three-day run time in a typical smart mode scenario. However, if you switch to ultra-long battery mode, it will last up to 14 days.

Connect across the globe

Another perk of this watch is that you can easily connect to the world. Most smartWatches are still limited to Bluetooth and GPS for connectivity. But not watch 3. This watch supports Wi-Fi connection, mobile networks, and NFC in global markets. In addition, it also has an eSIM module that allows it to clone the smartphone’s SIM card via the Huawei Health app. So you can use it to make calls, play music, and download apps without connecting to your phone.


The watch looks fantastic, feels like a quality timepiece, works very well, and brings long-awaited upgrades to the Huawei ecosystem. The Huawei Watch 3 has a lot of potential. Its hardware is pretty impressive. Moreover, it possesses an excellent display. This lends itself very well to on-screen navigation, along with guided workouts and animated instructions.


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