How will Sheffield Utd’s promotion help the local economy?

Surely THE biggest story from the Championship this year was Sheffield United roaring back into the Premier League for 2019/20. Although Chris Wilder’s team could not quite overhaul Norwich to top spot, the second place they did get saw them promoted. It has been a long wait for Blades fans whose team have not been in the top division since 2007. This made the celebrations all the sweeter and more deserved.

When you consider that at one point Sheffield United looked set for the play-offs, the late promotion surge they put in was quite remarkable. One thing is for sure – next season in the Premier League will be both exciting and challenging. The 6-0 drubbing Manchester City gave Watford in the FA Cup Final recently, as reported on Sportsbet news, shows just why.

It is not just Blades fans who will be welcoming promotion to the Premier League though. The whole city of Sheffield is sure to benefit from the club’s success. It is estimated that the city may get an extra £125 million in revenue due to Premier League football being present next year! But just how will the local economy in Sheffield be helped?

More football fans visiting the city
The extra financial boost to Sheffield’s economy from Utd’s promotion is mostly a numbers game. When home games are on at Bramall Lane, it is thought that being in the EPL will attract thousands of extra fans to watch it. Those same away fans will more than likely arrive well before the game and spend money in local Sheffield bars, cafes and shops. That will bring a real cash injection to the local economy.

Nightlife could get a boost also
It is not only the daytime activities of the many extra away fans that could bring more money into Sheffield. After the game, many will choose to stay on and experience what nightlife is on offer. This will see Sheffield restaurants, pubs and clubs much busier throughout the entire night. In addition, local hotels will also get more business as these tired away fans will then need somewhere to stay at night. Collectively, this will see a lot more money being spent in Sheffield due to the Premier League effect.

Worldwide attention on the city
It is true to say that the Premier League is one of the major sporting brands around the globe. From the USA to Africa, everyone knows about it and the teams who are in it. By getting promoted to the EPL, the Blades have helped put Sheffield back on the map across the world. It is not just the glamour of being associated with the Premier League but also the fact that Sheffield will simply be reported about more in the media because of it. The extra publicity could well see more visitors who are not football fans choosing to come over for a stay.

Job opportunities
Another great boost for the local Sheffield economy will be the extra people that the club itself will have to employ. Stepping up to the PL will make everything that bit busier and more club staff will be needed to help deal with it. From more internal club PR or marketing jobs to extra shop staff, it will help to create more jobs for local people. It is not just the club itself that will need extra staff though. As bars, shops and restaurants get busier they will all be taking on more people to help as well.

More money spent within the city by locals
Of course, a natural follow on from more employment in the city is that local people will have more money to spend in Sheffield. This has a superb reciprocating effect as people working in one business will spend money in another to keep the whole local economy vibrant. With more employment and more disposable cash for Sheffield residents to spend, the city could well see a real upturn for many local businesses.

Utd’s promotion is a win for the whole city
While Wednesday fans might not agree, it is pretty sure that Sheffield as a whole will benefit from Utd being promoted to the Premier League. The extra millions of pounds many expect to see come flooding into the city will not only help to make Sheffield’s economy more vibrant but also to improve the lives of local people. It will of course make Sheffield more prominent in UK and international media to help it reclaim its former glory as one of Britain’s top cities.

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