How to win a Car in an Online Casino

Can You Win a Car in Online Casino?

If you have ever been to a luxurious casino before, you might have seen a sweet ride packed at a location to get players’ attention. In most cases, the grand prize for some poker games is usually the car with players jostling to win it. Other times the casino just runs a lottery to determine who would go home with the car with a preference for the most valued members. However, what most people would like to know is if you would be able to win a prize as big as a car by playing online slot machines?

What’s an online casino?

Millions of people have played casino games worldwide, with casino stores littering most major cities. Since the internet has become a thing, most of those online casino games have gone online while also maintaining the fun that comes with playing games. Now it’s easier to get access to your favorite casino games at the thumb of your fingers at any point in time. Now you can play the games for free in demo either at online casinos or at the sites with the games reviews such as


Playing online games has gone from just having fun to allowing users to win real money, even with playing with real money. They do this by offering players free spins, which can be rolled over a few times to hit jackpots. Most of the games are so easy to play that you don’t need to be techy before winning real money by playing online casino games.


One thing that most players don’t know is that making money through online casino games depends largely on the type of game that the player chooses.  It is known that some games come with higher reward points than others. Some players are skeptical about the amount one can win by playing online, but in fact, one can win huge chunks of money by hitting the jackpot.


Many online casinos offer their players no deposit bonuses they can use on some particular  games. The British casinos are known for generous bonus offers. You can check what bonuses can be given to the UK players in no deposit bonus UK list.

What kind of games can one play?

There are various kinds of online casino games, with some offering free slots where you can earn real money by playing with no deposit. For others, you have to play with real money to win something. To win big bucks so that you can buy a car or win one, you probably need to also deposit something with some online casinos having a minimum deposit of as low as $5.

Most online casino sites offer players huge jackpots to tempt players to join them. However, when making the decision on which online casino games or slot machines to play with real money, it is more advisable for players to go for those with higher Return to Players (RTP) as they offer the best chance of winning before depositing any cash. On the other hand, some websites offer very low returns while asking players to pay hefty wager on each round of gaming. To maximize earnings, players need to select games with low stakes while also offering high RTP as this is the only way to earn as much as possible to get a car. Players should also take advantage of free trials to have an idea of how much they can realistically win from playing online casinos.

Can one win huge bucks that can buy a car?

To answer this question, we need to look at some of the biggest wins at online casinos in history. On June 17th, 2016 when Mr. Rawiri Pou decided to have some fun by playing a slot game at an online casino. He decided to play the reels of the very popular Mega Moolah, and he was able to win about NZ $10,144,395.8 just by playing online casino games.


If this is too hard to believe, then what about the biggest payout in online casino history that was won with just 25 cents. A Finnish man decided to try out some of the best casino sites and just have a good time. He decided to have a spin with real money, and he landed arguably the best win in Online Casino history when he won roughly about $24 million with a reel of just $0.25.


Perhaps the most relatable was when Jonathan Heywood, a British soldier, won about  £13.2 million from playing online casino games and got himself a Bentley car to celebrate this huge win.


It is clear from the story of all these winners that they played with real money, and they were quite skilled in the arts of playing online casino games. Of course, players can’t just decide to utilize luck if they hope to win big, although it does play a role in cases like this. Nevertheless, having a clear idea of what you are doing won’t hurt at all.

Big historical wins

  • Over $20 Million – Card and Table games*
  • $15 Million – BlackJack
  • $12 Million – Arabian Nights jackpot slot
  • $10 Million – Dark Knight Slot Machine
  • $7 Million – Mega Moolah Slot Machine
  • $3.7 million – Golden Chamber Slot Machine


Some online casino platforms do special events and promotions where cars are given out to lucky loyal customers, random customers who meet certain criteria, or the general public. One thing is clear, though – players can win cars by taking part in Online Casino games. Another much better way is by winning the jackpot of a particular online casino game. By winning this jackpot, players can then get whatever car that they desire from the winning. Looking at the kind of car Heywood got from winning a casino game would show how true this claim is.


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