How to Turn Regular Emails into Marketing Messages

Billions of people use email, and billions of emails are sent and received daily. Why? Because email has an average return on investment or ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. Companies invest in email campaigns and email marketing because it works. But in order to yield the desired results, it is important to ensure you have a solid plan in place.



Whether you are a solopreneur, small, or large business that is a product or service provider, the same rule applies to all. If you sell something, then you need to make sure that each brand interaction is positive, and each of your actions reflects that.


From planning the test to deciding the banner on your email signature, each part of your email marketing campaign is equally important, and each part should be equally thought through. Having said that, it is important to make sure that you are not overtly pushy or selling all the time. So, how do you get the desired results from regular emails? Here is a guide on how to turn regular emails into marketing messages so that you get the most from your email efforts. 


Add an email signature

An email signature is a nice way to reinforce your brand. Just like a traditional business card, an email signature should include details of your brand like a logo, your name, and company details. Plus, given that an email signature is a digital marketing addition, it is a great place to add social media icons, call to action or CTA buttons, and banners.


Once you add an email signature to your email, it will make you look professional and provide your readers with marketing information about your brand. The best part is that it will not look pushy and promotional materials like CTAs and banners will fall right into place. Pick a personal email signature that will make you and your brand look professional and turn regular emails into marketing messages. 

Always include a company logo

We have established that each time you connect with a prospect or client, you want to use the opportunity for brand reinforcement. To increase brand awareness and recognition, a logo is best used in all marketing materials. Logos are probably the most recognized aspect of a brand if it is used and promoted well. Regardless of what your business does, you surely have invested resources in creating a logo. So, why not use it?


For example, an email signature is a great way to fittingly include a company logo in your emails and turn it into marketing messages without making it appear otherwise. To ensure that your emails are always in sync with your branding efforts, make sure you always include a company logo. This will make you look professional and add marketing value to your emails.  


Refer to your blog articles

A blog helps build a knowledge database about your products or services. In the process, you add value to your readers by giving them information about you in relation to your industry. But, you need to promote your blog in order to get the desired subscribers and readers.


For instance, you can include excerpts from your articles in your email content and easily turn regular emails into marketing messages without being too preachy. There are other ways of integrating your blogs and blog content into your email marketing efforts, and it is a great way to generate more traffic to your blog as well.


Each marketing effort requires a lot of thought and consideration, and each component is integral in truly unleashing the potential of your marketing efforts. Make sure you use each opportunity in your emails to refer to your blog articles and turn regular emails into marketing messages.


Mention social media accounts

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to do business without an online and social media presence. Regardless of the size of your business, chances are you have a social media presence. If you have invested time and resources to build a social media presence, then chances are you have curated it with content that promotes your brand.


Make sure basic information like contact and company details across all social media platforms are consistent. Mention social media accounts in your emails and gain more followers if you are building a presence or establish yourself as an authority if you have many followers. Regardless of where you are in the brand-building journey, mention social media accounts in emails and turn regular emails into marketing messages. 


Make every employee a brand ambassador

Each time your brand interacts with prospects or clients, it is an opportunity for brand reinforcement. Similarly, each employee is a brand ambassador, and each time they interact with a prospect or client is an opportunity for you to put your brand in a positive light.


For example, personal emails receive better responses. Plus, employees that are convinced about your services will do a better job of representing you. So, sync with your employees and their needs. This way, each time they interact with prospects or clients on behalf of the company, it shows that they actually enjoy its services.


When people believe in your vision, they are more likely to mention your brand. This way, you can turn regular emails into marketing messages by making all your employees a brand ambassador. 


An email marketing campaign is used by most business owners today because it yields results. But, email marketing is not something you can build overnight, it is something that requires a well thought out the time frame, and you need to consistently email and follow-up. If you don’t have time you can always work with a professional marketing agency in kent to help streamline your email marketing strategy.


Use your branding efforts to gain the maximum benefits, promote and cross-promote, and use every opportunity to create brand awareness and recognition. Each email is a valuable time of your prospects, clients, or readers that you are demanding, so make it worth their and your brand’s time!


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