How to speed up your Google Chrome

When Google Chrome was released 12 years ago, it was the masterpiece of software engineering. It had everything you want from a browser: speed, user-friendly interface, good design, moderate RAM usage. Chrome took into account all our needs, and become the best solution to navigate on the internet. But it doesn’t take much till it began slowing down. However, there are some methods to resolve your problem.

The fact that you can add a lot of add-ons and personalize your browser is a great thing, but it can result in slowing down your browser. Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting for something, especially when it comes to something important like ticket releases, a deadline, the outcome of a roulette game when playing online casino.

Regardless of the disadvantages, Google chrome actually stays the best internet browser covering at any rate 67% of the worldwide market. And we will show you how to renovate it, so it can be fast as a new one.

Clean-Up all non-essential extensions

Depending on your preference Chrome’s interface can be modified with many downloadable extensions. Of course, these expansions are additionally working “behind the scenes” and they are consuming precious internet speed and RAM. This can unquestionably slow down your browser and user experience. A good PC might not be influenced as much an inferior one, but with time everyone can suffer some minor deceleration. The more additional extensions you add on, the slower you browser will get.

The simple method for this is to review periodically your extensions and get rid of the ones you’re not using. A solution might be to disable the ones you’re not using constantly, and enable them only when you need them.

Arranged Tab Management

It is very popular among users to keep numerous tabs open most of the time. A little reminder that the more tabs you have open the slower your browser will get. So when you don’t even see the little close button on the tab, that can be a red flag to close some tabs.

However, when you absolutely need more tabs there are extensions for you like The Snooze or  The Great Suspender. These can disable the tabs for a certain time until you reopen them. And I know that in the previous paragraph I said to get rid of extension. But a useful extension is always better than a lot of opened tab.

Content Blocking expansion

Frequently when you explore on the web, you may go over annoying pop-ups and notices that would unavoidably slow down your browsing. A few sites use promotion contents and video-contents that run on an open page, even in the background. These contents can remove little chunks from your data yet they can be eliminated with extensions like Popup Blocker or uBlock Origin.

For some sites, you’ll need a pop-up to open new tabs or download file. For this site that you have trust in, you can add them your whitelist.

Lite mode for your Mobile Browser

Most of us use our phones more to navigate on the internet than our PC. For this, we have good news for Android users. For the phone versions of Chrome, the software speeds up slow-loading pages by running them through some Google servers which simplifies the code, so that the webpage will run faster.

This element is known as ‘Lite-mode’ and doesn’t change the look of the site, and it can be activated only on Androids Google Chrome. It won’t affect your browsing experience in bad. On the contrary, it will make your pages to load much faster.

Pre-loading Pages on Chrome

It gets very irritating for someone to wait a long time for a site to open up. But Chrome has a solution for this too. It developed an algorithm, which analyzes all your history, browsing patterns and habits which pre-loading said links for you.

This feature is a preset feature, you don’t need an extension for that. You just on the settings and then search for ‘advanced’. In the privacy and security panel, you’ll find an option called ‘Pre-load pages for faster browsing. This feature can be found on Android phones at the same Privacy and security part, or on iOs devices at ‘Bandwith’. If you want, even more, there is an extension called ‘Faster Chrome’, which pre-opens sites for you in 65 milliseconds.

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