How To Play California SuperLotto Plus Lottery Game

Basic facts about the California SuperLotto Plus: you must be minimum 18 years old in order to buy a ticket or take part in any prizes for the California SuperLotto Plus. Similar to Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus is a state-lottery game that can only be found in California.

The SuperLotto Plus jackpot begins at $7,000,000 and increases by $1,000,000 with each Saturday and Wednesday drawing until a winner is found. Every ticket purchased for SuperLotto Plus includes one entrance into the weekly SuperLotto Plus second Opportunity drawing, and the game is simple to play.

The jackpot is one of nine reward categories. When a player wins the jackpot, they have the option of receiving their money in 1 lump-sum (cash less discounts) or over the course of 30 years, with the amount distributed each year increasing yearly.

You would get 1.81 percent of the advertised prize in the first year, and 5.56 percent in the thirtieth year. The monetary alternative is favored by most individuals.

How are you supposed to play SuperLotto Plus?

Participants of SuperLotto Plus will select a total of 6 digits: 1 MEGA number from 1 to 27 and 5 more digits from 1 to 47. You win the grand prize when all 5 of the lucky numbers and the MEGA digit match. Tickets for SuperLotto Plus cost $1 each, and you may place up to 5 distinct plays on one slip.

The lottery concierge or courier services online like theLotter, as well as at over 22 thousand Californian Lottery stores, offer the tickets.

Once you’ve chosen where to purchase your ticket(s), you may either pick your fortunate numbers by writing them down in black or blue ink manually, or you can use the Quick Pick function to play with procedurally generated numbers.

With Quick Pick, you may either select your own MEGA digit and let the computer choose the remaining 5 numbers, or you can let the computer choose all 6 numbers for you.

By selecting the Advance Play variant on the slip, you can purchase a ticket in advance for even up to twenty drawings if you only plan to visit a lottery shop once. Choose 16, 20, or 22 consecutive drawings with a single payment, or purchase 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / drawings in advance.

Remember that there are two drawings each week, so buying 20 Advance Play drawings will get you into the game for ten weeks straight.

How is the winning system working?

Playing SuperLotto Plus offers nine different winning opportunities. In the main draw, there is a 1:23 chance of claiming any prize.  1:41,416,353 have a chance of claiming the jaclaimikpot.

You must match all 5 major digits and the MEGA digit to either win the jackpot outright or get a portion of it.

The requirements and likelihood of winning are as follows:

Odds of matching 5 winning numbers and the Mega number are 1: 41,416,35; 5 winning digits, but without the MEGA digit – 1:1,592,937; 4 lucky numbers and the MEGA digit – 1:197,221; 4 lucky numbers, but without the MEGA number – 1:7585; 3 lucky numbers with the MEGA number – 1:4810; 3 winning digits without the MEGA number – 1:185; 2 winning digits and the MEGA number – 1:361; 1 winning digit plus the MEGA digit – 1:74; 0 winning digits, but the MEGA number – 1:49.

How much estimated money are players able to win?

How long the game continues without a winner will determine everything. With each drawing, the jackpot’s value increases, and as anticipation for the large jackpot develops, more tickets are purchased by people, increasing the value of some of the lower-tier prizes.

The prizes for California SuperLotto Plus have been enormous. The game gave out 56 million USD in the year of 1995, 193 million USD to three participants in 2002, and 72 million USD to one player in the year of 2007! You can also play Mega Millions online here.


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