How to block ads like a pro on your PC or gadgets

Nobody likes ads. Whether they’re noisy, irrelevant or just downright frustrating to see, we could all do without ads in our life blocking our YouTube videos from playing, draining our mobile data and taking up ludicrous amounts of space on our web pages. It goes without saying that they’re a nuisance, but are there any easy and simple ways to block ads for good on your PC and gadgets?

Yes, there is!

Introducing AdLock, the ad blocker for both Windows PCs and Android devices that simply just works without any complications.


  • The simple way to block every banner, video and pop up – Get rid of every pesky pop up, banner or video ad on your websites for a smooth, clean and unobtrusive browsing experience.
  • Works for in-program ads too – Annoyed of those Skype ads that keep popping up? Are you bothered by in-app ads that disrupt your user experience? Get rid of them with a single app download and say goodbye to ads in your life.
  • Protect yourself from harmful links – Not only are ads annoying, but they might even be laced with harmful code that could track your data, lead you to harmful websites and potentially even infect your computer with spyware. By killing ads with AdLock, you no longer need to worry.
  • Save your mobile data from pesky ads – Ads are data, after all, and they’re quickly going to drain your mobile data usage if you leave them on. Autoplaying videos are frustrating and will download serious amounts of data, and you’ll notice more longevity with your mobile data by using an ad blocker.
  • Save battery on your mobile device – Whether you use a smartphone or tablet for browsing the internet, you’ll get more battery usage out of your devices and save on power by blocking annoying ads.
  • Advanced settings for power users – AdLock also supports advanced features for pro users, such as filtering options for HTTPS sites, speeding up website loading and also guarding your system performance.


There are plenty of advantages to using AdLock and you can get these fantastic benefits for an affordable price no matter what device you use. You’ll enjoy an ad-free browsing experience that will improve your internet experience drastically and also offer you a lot more safety.

Ads aren’t just annoying, they can also be dangerous
You might not think much about those annoying online ads, but they are often far more malicious than you might think. This is because they often contain harmful intent, such as copying or stealing your data for personal gain of the one who made the advert. A lot of ads now aim to steal your data because it’s easy to collect and is worth a lot of money to advertisers.

Reports have found that internet users can even contract viruses and malware just by clicking on adverts on unprotected computers, and they’re often disguised so well that even antivirus and anti-malware programs cannot actually detect them. This raises huge safety concerns for internet browsers, hence why it’s important to learn more about how ads work, their dangers and also how to block ads like a pro.

Ads don’t just affect computers, but mobile devices as well
Whether it’s an annoying ad on your favourite app or autoplaying videos that are just distracting you all the time, ads can affect even our mobile devices which are sadly even more susceptible to spyware, malware and viruses. This is because people usually use some form of protection on their desktop PC or laptop running Windows, but they won’t use similar security programs on their mobile devices, resulting in more security vulnerabilities.

But it’s not just dangerous, it’s also a huge nuisance and could reduce the lifetime on your phone. Ads can often autoplay videos and lurk in the background of your devices, stealing your information and recording data from how you use your phone. This results in more battery usage, more data usage and eventually wears out your phone faster. If you’ve ever noticed that your phone is noticeably slower after a few months, then it’s likely because there are lots of malicious files on your device which are caused by problematic ads.

Block ads like a pro with AdLock
If you really want to protect yourself on both your PC and your gadgets, make sure you consider using AdBlock to completely kill all forms of advertising whether it’s in a browser, in an app or even through your favourite software. It’s quick, simple, efficient and ultimately improves your browsing experience.

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