How to make your office more personal

You have probably spent some time over the past couple of years working from home and going back into the office can feel a little overwhelming. You may feel out of your depth surrounded by people and being away from all your home comforts. Here are some tips on how to make your office space more welcoming on a Monday morning.

  1.   Display some family photos – Your employer will probably have no problem with allowing you to put up a few personal effects on your desk and the most common thing you will find is photos. These hello canvas hd metal prints make a stylish addition to your workspace whilst keeping it looking clean and professional. If you are not much of a family person you can erect a picture of a beloved pet who will be waiting for you to get home at the end of the day. Any image that might remind you of just why you work so hard can be a great morale booster for when you are feeling fed up. If you are lucky enough to have your own four walls, you can even create a photo collage with a few prints or hang up one large, significant image.
  2.   Add a bit of life – bring some life to your desk by adding a potted plant! This can bring a splash of colour and brighten up your workspace as well as having a calming effect on you. Not only will this benefit you but everyone else in the office too! I would advise something that is low maintenance and is not going to start wilting over the weekend.
  3.   Get a cute mousepad – a personalised mousepad is a really good way to inject a bit of personality into your office space. It is both functional and decorative! You can go all out with a custom photo mat or just get a brightly coloured, patterned one that brings you a little bit of joy. An ergonomic keyboard is great for helping maintain comfort and reduce the negative psychical effects of working on a computer all day.
  4.   Keep it comfortable – in addition to your ergonomic mousepad, get some back support for your office chair and footrest to help you keep the proper posture. We have all found ourselves hunch over our desktop, only realising how uncomfortable it is once we try and stand up and feel the pain in your back! This can have long term effects on your physical health and you should prioritise comfort when you go back into the office.
  5.   Quirky or personalised stationery – most offices will provide stationery for you such as notebooks and pens but sometimes there is also someone monitoring how many you of everything you are taking or you have to ask for the key to the stationery cupboard. A way to keep the hassle to a minimum is to bring in your own! This is also a great opportunity to get creative and pick out a fun notebook or some colourful post-it notes.

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