How To Make Your House Safer For Your Family

The safety of the area where you buy or build your house can be the most important factor impacting your decision. However, ensuring your family’s safety does not stop at securing the neighborhood. It’s also not a matter of finding out where the police and fire departments are located, or the reputation of the area as far as living with a family. To ensure the utmost safety for your family, you need to check the security of your house itself. A decreased crime rate in the area where you live does not hide the fact that your house can be an easy target to many burglars. So how can you stop that from happening? In this article, we discuss how you can strengthen the security of your house in order to protect your family members.



Lock Your Doors


About 34% of burglars enter the houses they rob through the front door. Don’t let your house be one of those easy targets that attract burglaries. Start by inspecting the exterior doors of your house first, ensure that your hinges are fixed and protected in place, the frames are strong, and that nobody can reach through your door’s mail slot to unlock the door. You also want to make sure no one can enter your house using the key without permission, so if you’re moving into a new house where another family used to live, it’s vital that you change the door locks. Finally, you should add a strike plate, upgrade all your doors to smart locks, opt for video doorbells, or install a deadbolt to increase the protection of your locks.


Secure The Windows


As mentioned previously, a significant amount of burglaries take place as a result of unsecured windows or doors. Sadly many manufacturers produce window latches that are rather flimsy or ineffective. If it’s easy for you to open it or break it, it’s even easier for a burglar to break into your house through your fault windows. Instead, you can opt for lock or key-operated levers for your windows to increase security. You can make your home or windows burglar-proof by installing glass break sensors, reinforcing the glass with window security film, planting prickly bushes under your windows, and adding window bars. To establish complete home security, you need to start with the most obvious entries such as doors and windows.


Establish A Plan Based On Your Resources


If you have children in your family, it’s essential that you come up with an emergency plan based on safe resources for your children in case you are not there. When kids come home from school to an empty house, they should have access to a phone and a list of emergency contacts that they can call in the occurrence of extremities. They should also be able to easily get in touch with a family member or neighbor that you can trust if your children encounter any emergencies when left alone at home.


Opt For Timers And Lights


Your house should never look vacant from the outside as burglars will target houses that look like nobody is in them. Timers can help you turn on the TV, lights, or radio and turn them back off even when you’re not there. This will give the appearance that your house is occupied and will prevent burglars from trying to break into your property. Make sure to also use exterior lighting so that you can light up the dark areas at the front and back of your house where intruders can easily hide. Opt for motion sensors that add an element of surprise whenever somebody’s moving outside your house. They also prevent the lights from being switched on all night and wasting electricity.


Put Up a Security System


It’s a high priority for any house to have a passable security system in place. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a high-tech monitoring system that comes with home automation or a basic DIY security system. There is adequate protection and security for every budget thanks to today’s home security options. Make certain that your security system complies with your neighborhood rules and that you assess its need and choose a system that you feel comfortable with. You can always contact the local authorities or the police department in the case of any neighborhood crimes, they can help evaluate your home security system.



Home safety is a crucial factor for most families and homeowners. In order to protect your family, you need to opt for the best security systems available. Ensure your windows and doors are locked firmly and that it’s not easy for burglars and intruders to open them or enter your property without permission. Timers, motion sensors, and lights should come in handy when trying to secure the area outside your house.



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