How to Layer Different Types of Men’s Necklaces

People would be surprised that despite society’s current norms and mores regarding jewelry, it was the men who wore jewelry long before women did. Ancient artifacts have been unearthed that displayed family names, like signet rings. Even further back, neanderthals put together animal teeth and seashells making the world’s first jewelry – which was more than worn by men. What has been maintained from those times till now is that the bigger the jewels meant the higher status power men held – mens pendants uk, Africa, the rest of western Europe, and North America mimics that type of hierarchy.


Jewelry and how it was worn changed significantly over time, especially the way how one of the most versatile and long lasting pieces of jewelry – the chain necklace – has been worn.


In the 60s, the hippie lifestyle brought with it long, narrow chain necklaces and pendants for men. These showy jewelry pieces were some of the boldest looks in men’s jewelry since the era of adorned kings. For more info see


Real extravagance with the way chains were worn came in the 70s, these jewelry pieces were normally large and attention grabbing. Gold chains, chunky bracelets, and medallions were commonplace, made all the more popular by the American movie stars of the time: Burt Reynolds, John Travolta, and Tom Selleck.


The 80s, are when the chain necklace really started to take hold as a fashion staple. With the rise of rap and hip hop groups large chains were becoming a staple jewelry items within male fashion. The 80s brought with it, a less bulky more sleeker style of what used to be bold chain necklaces while the 90s ushered in ball chain necklaces, dog tags, and cheaper metal.


The 90s highlighted a move away from the precious, expensive metals like gold, white gold, and sterling silver. They were instead choosing more affordable metals like steel or titanium. Because of all the chain necklace options available, it became fashionable to attempt to put all of them together to achieve a certain look. You can now easily shop for eye-catching jewelry pendants and chains in various designs, shapes, and sizes to match any style and budget. So don’t be afraid to mix it up.


What Are The Layers That Can Be Done With Different Types of Men’s Necklaces?

Layering necklaces is a statement. No matter how many necklaces are chosen to wear, one should be the main attention grabber. Large pieces worn alone are considered statement pieces, the attention grabber. This necklace will serve as the focal point of the layers, and the others will act as support. If there are wear two chains, this will most likely be the thicker one or the more visually striking. If there are mixing of pendant necklaces and chains, the pendant will get the most attention, so a man should go for a thinner chain to complement it. If those two chain combinations are not enough, then to layer the look even more with two or three chain and pendant additional combinations. There are certain rules that should be adhered to. Three steps to mastering the technique, and below, four ways pendants and chains could be layered.


A man should always pick chain lengths that look good on his body. The shortest chain should sit on or just below the collar bones.


They should also learn which weights to wear where. The thinner the chain, the shorter it should be worn. The thicker the chain, the longer.


Chains of different lengths and thicknesses should be mixed and matched. For example these four combinations below.


  1. one short-chain, lightweight with a pendant and

one medium length, medium-weight chain with a pendant


  1. one short-chain, lightweight with a pendant and

one medium length heavyweight chain without a pendant


  1. one short-chain, lightweight with a pendant and

one medium length heavyweight chain without a pendant


  1. one small, short-chain with a pendant and

one medium length, lightweight chain with a pendant and

one longer chain, heavyweight with a pendant


Distance should be created of 2 inches to 4 inches between two layers and less if  layering 3 or 4 necklaces. With multiple layers, more delicate pieces can be closer together, but heavy chains and pendant necklaces should have some space to breathe. People should want to use their layers to fill the space between their face and the bottom layer of the combinations. Chain necklaces come in multiple forms, and the most visually appealing layers are those that vary them.

What Does Wearing Layered Necklaces Do For The Wearer?

Well, obviously one of the main reasons to wear jewelry in this way is to highlight the best features on a man’s body. If someone wants to bring attention to the face, then they should have the centerpiece as the top layer. If they are looking to draw eyes towards the pectorals, then it should be the lowest offering, hanging about 2 inches below the line between that person’s nipples. If emphasis is to be placed on broad shoulders then a man should go for a low-hanging pendant necklace. When layering necklaces, men should go for lighter pieces, thinner chains, and smaller pendants. The centerpiece that is chosen should be a medium attention grabber, and all the other pieces should subtly complement it.

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