How to Increase Referral Traffic on Social Media

The traffic on your website is good from the perspective of search engine optimisation. You can work hard every day to enhance the numbers, but in the end, the client wants more. The SEO experts try to get more traffic to a website, but they need to change their approach. Here comes referral traffic, which is Google’s procedure of reporting traffic from various sources outside the search engine.

Companies today are trying various ways to grow their traffic on social media. For instance, brands buy Instagram likes from authentic sources to encourage the audience to visit their site. Here is what you should know when you are trying to grow the referral traffic.

Link Building 

Digital marketers are aware of the significance of building backlinks, but now they should know how to build links. With a backlink from a popular site, people visiting the website can visit your site at the same time to boost the traffic. Link building is the basis of search engine optimisation.

Guest Blogging On Industry Blogs 

Most of you may know the importance of valuable content to get attention from the search engines effectively. However, guest blogging is even more relevant. How to write guest blogs to garner the attention of search engines?

  • You need to write content on your niche for social media sites.
  • The content you publish should go under the name of your business as anonymous content is not likely to acquire value.
  • The niche content you write and publish should be available to people easily.
  • When writing content, you can interact with influential players and link to their sites on your niche to get noticed.

Prioritising The Choice Of Social Media Platforms 

With so many social media platforms, you may feel overwhelmed and keen to get your presence in all of them. However, you should not fall prey to such tactics and focus on those platforms with the highest ROI.

Follow these tips when choosing the platform.

  • Select the social media platform where your target audience spends most of the time.
  • The platform with higher conversion rates should appeal to you, but you need to know which conversions are significant for your growth.
  • Choose the platform where your content gets the highest engagement.
  • Irrespective of the platforms you choose, be sure to post consistently for increasing engagement.

Coordinating With Influencers

You should know and prepare a list of influencers in your industry even if they may not be big names. Getting to micro-influencers can also help you grow a larger audience and create professional relationships. Several big fashion brands buy cheap Instagram followers to expand their reach.

Capitalising On Local Partner Websites

Focusing on local partner websites can also enhance traffic. However, you can expect more growth when you move away from your site and establish offline relationships. For instance, you can spend very little to sponsor a local event. If it is a targeted event, you can expect many of the visitors to come to your site.

Add Infographic

Often, people do not have time to read an entire article, but the infographic is worth a thousand words. People can link and share infographics, which makes them popular. People are more likely to read an infographic as it takes less time.

Sticking To Your Strategy

Once you choose a strategy that works for social media, you need to make that your basis. However, that does not mean that you cannot try new things. From different styles of content to more videos, everything can give an impetus to your business.

The Final Word 

There is no perfect time or schedule to enhance referral traffic. Content marketing is one of the sure-shot ways to enhance referral traffic. From guest blogging to boost your presence on social networks, you can follow an array of methods. You should spend time on every effort and put the user first to encourage referral traffic.

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