How to Improve Our Industrial Workplace through Gamification

On countless occasions we have realised how introducing technology into our daily lives can  make it so much more convenient and efficient. For example, take the concept of online gaming;  with websites like people can enjoy gaming in little doses and on the go.

It is the same as the workplace in the industrial sector too. Using technology, we have made our  industrial workplaces much more efficient and safe. And now, recent research suggests that we can use the latest advancements in technology, especially the concept of Gamification to  improve employees’ morale, efficiency and overall performance!

What does the term Gamification of the industrial workplace imply?
Unlike the traditional white-collar, tech jobs and conventional workplaces, we cannot just tell people in the industrial sector to spend 45 minutes to 1-hour gaming. Unlike conventional workplaces, people here need to be focused on their job to ensure their own safety as well as that of the others working around them. So, what is the use of gaming in the industrial workplace? Gaming is not only a great way to de-stress, but it can also be used as a great  learning tool. There are studies that prove that gaming can be a great way to inculcate new skills to improve the workers’ capabilities and thus the work environment. Therefore, the  concept of gaming can be significant in a number of areas.

Efficient and effective training
This is one of the best and the most critical applications of the concept of Gamification of the workplace. To put it in simple words, we can use the idea of Gamification to teach people the skills they need to work, without them actually having to work. Creating a virtual condition for the trainees is a lot safer and a much more efficient form of training. Rather than trainees, theoretically learning essential skills that will be significant when they actually start working, they
can actually develop these critical skills virtually. Moreover, this form of training makes learning a lot more interesting for the trainees, thereby ensuring a better success of them learning the essential skills they need to learn for their future. Hence, the concept of Gamification can make learning more effective and a lot more fun too!

Increasing productivity, building team-spirit and engaging the younger generation
Just like any other workplace, gaming can improve productivity and build team spirit. It can help as a great stress-buster too allowing employees to get back to their demanding jobs with a clearer mind. Additionally, gaming can be a great way to engage the younger generation. With more than 50% of the workforce made up of millennials who have grown up with technology and video games, Gamification can be more effective in reaching and engaging them as compared
to the more conventional methods.

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