How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can be an exciting and rewarding experience, whether it’s for close friends or family members. But to make sure your guests have the best time possible, there are certain steps you need to take in order to create the perfect evening. From cleaning the house and setting up decorations, to preparing the menu and picking out drinks – here is a guide on how to host the perfect dinner party.


Before your guests arrive, make sure the areas of your house that your guests will be in are clean and tidy. Put away any clutter in the corners of a room, and make sure you take out the rubbish. You’ll want to ensure your kitchen is as spotless as possible so wash and put away all the dishes and cooking utensils, then wipe down all surfaces using an antibacterial spray. Additionally, freshen up the smell of your home with some scented candles or essential oils!

Prepare The Menu

Next, you’ll want to consider what food you’re going to be serving your guests. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try to put together a three-course meal? Consider making something that can be prepared in advance such as a soup or salad. Alternatively, you might want to consider preparing a delightful charcuterie or cheese board featuring the finest choices of cheese, Rovagnati cold cuts and cured meats as an appetizer or accompaniment to your main course.

For your main course, think about what dishes will work best with the number of guests you have – an easy option is to make individual portions and serve them on plates. For dessert, you could opt for something like a trifle or small cakes.

Set the Table

When it comes to setting the table, there are a few different options you can choose from. For an outdoor party, consider setting up a patio table or bistro set with bright colourful cushions and placemats. If you’re opting for something indoors, then make sure you have a large table with dining chairs set of 6 as a minimum, and set it up with a matching tablecloth, napkins, plates, cutlery and glasses. Don’t forget the centrepiece – perfect for adding a touch of personality to your event!

Have a Set Timeline

When hosting the perfect dinner party, it’s important to have a set timeline of when activities and food will be served. Start off by having some appetisers ready for your guests upon their arrival – this gives everyone time to socialise whilst enjoying some snacks. Depending on the occasion, you could plan fun activities during the evening such as a quiz or games night. Once everyone is settled, serve up your main course and then finish off the evening with dessert and coffee.

Consider Drinks Carefully

No dinner party would be complete without drinks! Offer a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, both soft and sparkling. For the adults at the party, you could make some themed cocktails according to the season or occasion. If you’re having a summer evening, why not try out some delicious fruity punches or Pimms? And for a festive gathering in winter, mulled wine will be a real hit!

Now that you know the steps to take when hosting the perfect dinner party, all that’s left is to have fun and enjoy the evening with your loved ones! Happy entertaining!

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