How to Host a Night In At The Casino

To go out, or no to go out, that is the question…

We have all been there, it is a Saturday night, you have had a long week, and you find yourself unable to decide if you go to the city to hit the dance floor or put your pyjamas on, stick on a movie and get some well earned rest! It is often everything that comes with a night out – the journey in, the expensive bars, the sub-par kebab and the queue for the taxi home – rather than the night out itself that leads you to decide to spend the night in. The only problem then, is that you potentially miss out on a great night or don’t get to catch up with a good friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

Inviting some friends over to your place seems like the perfect solution to this all too common problem, but what if that bottle of wine and same old playlist just isn’t cutting it anymore? Well, there is one solution, host a casino themed party and enjoy all the thrills of a night out from the comfort of your own home. So, let’s get started…


First things first, you will need the guts of any good casino, a selection of games. Another element, which you cannot underestimate, is ensuring that the rules are fully understood and this is best achieved by having a professional and experienced dealer. The best way to guarantee this both of these is to choose an online casino that caters for all your needs and in doing so, keep your guests entertained for hours. Take NetBet live casino for example, is has a variety of games, including roulette, blackjack and three-card poker, and even provides a fantastic live casino experience with professionally trained dealers, meaning that an authentic feel is guaranteed everytime you play!

Food and Drink

Food and drink are always one of the most important aspects of any party, and have the potential to make or break the entire night. It is important to remember that your guests will be using keyboards and, potentially handling cards and poker chips, so the last thing you want are overly greasy foods that will leave unwanted residue on the equipment. Finger food is perfect to replicate that casino feel, just make sure to include enough toothpicks and napkins.

When it comes to drinks, you can keep it simple or set up a bar in the corner of the room and allow guests to make their own. A great idea is to create and print out a casino themed cocktail menu. It is another activity to engage in inbetween playing games and the satisfaction of making your own cocktail is something that can’t be beaten!


You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg when it comes to decorations, but a few simple decorations will aid in replicating that true Las Vegas experience. You can head to the local party shop to bring the full glitz and glamour of a party casino to your home, or get out the red velvet and go for that sophisticated old school look. The choice is yours!

Dress code

There is big choice to be made when it comes to the dress code for an event of this nature. You can embrace the fact that you don’t have to adhere to any establishments dress requirements and go casual, or you can truly embrace the casino theme and go the full nine yards. We highly recommend the latter. The devil is in the detail and, if guests arrive in suits and evening dresses, it will instantly add to the atmosphere turning your event into a night to remember. It also results in a great opportunity to grab a group picture in your Sunday best, just remember to include the dress code on the invitations!

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