How to Find the Right Surfskate?

Surfskate is one of the most popular activities attracting more and more surfers. If you are new to the world of surfskate, you might not be able to make a difference between a skateboard and a surfskate. But they are quite different as they offer different features and surfskate is often used to improve their surfing skills. 

The best thing about surfskates is that anyone can join this community and enjoy the benefits of this board. If you have never skated before, many things might be confusing initially, especially when it comes to buying a surfskate board. If you are looking for some of the most prominent brands, check this, https://www.ombe.co/guides/surfskate-buyers-guide.

There are different components that you should understand when buying a surfskate. This article will explore these components that will help you find the right surfskate for you. 

Know Your Style 

Every surfer on the water has a unique riding style that they have learned throughout their journey. As a beginner, it is apparent that you haven’t reached that place yet, so you should look at other surfers or surfskaters to find a riding style that fits you best. 

When you are surf skating, you need to pump the board to gain speed from a standstill position, and with no experience. The best solution is to start small by finding a stable and comfortable board that will get you going. Be sure to wear protective gear as you might not always have balance when learning. 

Surfskate Trucks 

When it comes to buying your surfskate you must understand the trucks on the board. These trucks are metal aces that allow a board to steer because they connect from the deck to the wheels. This component is the most crucial part of your surfskate as it offers different performances. 

You can also consider adding a surf adapter to your surfskate truck that will allow you to generate speed without using your foot off the ground. This can either be loose or tight, so make sure that you find a mid-range option to surfskate easily without struggling too much. 

Surfskate Wheels 

The wheels are another crucial component, and choosing the right one will enhance your surfskate experience. The ideal wheel size for a newbie is around the 50-70 range, which will influence the speed of your board. 

Then it would be best if you considered the shape of your wheel as it provides traction and improves surf style. And finally, the hardness of the wheels will ensure how easily you can slide out deep carves while surf skating. In any case, you must try different wheels and know what works best for you. 

Surfskate Decks 

The deck is another important platform on which your stand and the trucks are connected underneath. These decks come in different shapes, sizes, and materials that influence the performance and function of your board. 

One crucial consideration is the width and length of the board, which highly depends on your height. Just make sure that you have enough support and grip when you are on the surfskate, and that should be enough to get you started. 

Surfskate Grip 

When surfing, you need to apply wax which gives you stability and grip to ride your wave better. On your surfskate, you mostly have a sandy or granular type material, which helps you stay on your feet while surf skating. When surf skating, the last thing you would want is to keep losing grip while riding. 

You may also consider adding a traction pad that will give you more grip and support. Depending on your riding style, you can use a combination of the two or settle with the company deck grip. As a beginner, the grip is crucial because you will be learning to ride your surfskate. 

Final Thoughts

These are just some things you need to consider when searching for the right surfskate. As much as fancy-designed boards can be a good choice, make sure that you do not break the bank with your beginner board. 

Start small, and as you improve your skills on the surfskate, you can then move on to a more advanced board that will help you perform surf skills efficiently. If you are still considering whether you want to surf, here are a few great reasons why you should. 

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