How to Find the Best Travel Insurance Policy

If you’re planning to go out on a holiday vacation, thinking about the things that could go wrong is perhaps the last thing you want to do. But the good news is that purchasing travel insurance could be incredibly helpful in case your trip is cancelled or interrupted because of a medical emergency or any other unforeseen natural disaster.

Aside from trip cancellation, lost baggage, plus medical evacuation costs, there are several other plans to choose from. You can always narrow it down through the help of a travel agent or an experienced online aggregater.

Check Your Credit Card Coverage

You might already be having some insurance coverage as a perk of your credit card. However you’ll need to check if it covers for all your travelling needs.

Certain credit card issuers provide coverage for trip cancellation, car rental damage, and lost luggage, but any protection they offer usually comes with certain limits on the ultimate payout. When it comes to rental cars, you could get coverage from your personal auto insurance, too.

With credit card coverage, you’ll typically get coverage for a less expensive trip. That’s why you should seriously consider investing in a travel medical insurance that covers trip cancellation or interruptions, loss of personal items, medical emergency, and evacuation. This will ensure that your journey is safe, convenient, and interesting.

Pick the Right Policy

Typically, insurance policies fall into three different categories- basic, midlevel, as well as premium- with prices plus coverage varying significantly.

For comprehensive travel; insurance coverage, premiums often range from 4-10 percent of your trip’s total tab. But in the past few years, travel insurers have devised more customised policies at lower costs. Here are simple guidelines to help you get the right travel insurance without overspending. 

Go For Annual Plans

If you’re planning to take more than two trips per year, making annual plans could be a better deal. Both single-trip and annual travel policies cover the same occurrences, but year-long coverage usually minimises pro-rated costs.

Learn the Timing Provisions

If it’s the hurricane season and you’ve already made full payments for the upcoming beach holiday, don’t worry. You can always take out a travel insurance policy to safeguard your trip.

Of course, you can make last-minute purchases, but it isn’t usually advisable to wait until a certain storm threatening your trip is too powerful. So, be cautious about your timing. If a hurricane or terrorist attack is mentioned before you’ve purchased the cover, then that would no longer be considered as a reason for cancellation. Typically, the coverage is only applicable if you’re travelling within 1 month of the event. And if your journey is still six months away, the insurer won’t pay out just because you’re no longer interested in travelling.


It’s always prudent to safeguard a trip that’s valued at a thousand dollars, right? Some of the factors to take into consideration include your age plus health and whether your journey takes you into a risky territory or not. If you’re a senior, it would be great to over 60’s travel insurance.

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