How to find and rent a budget-friendly apartment in the UK

Moving to a new place can be incredibly exciting and equally stressful, but there is a lot you can do to make the process go much smoother.

The UK can be a wonderful, beautiful place to visit or live in, but it can also be quite expensive and difficult to find good apartments. Here are a few tips for finding the right place for you and your budget.

Speaking of budget-friendly apartments…
In order to find a budget-friendly place to stay, you need to first know what exactly your budget actually is! Creating a budget requires you to be completely honest and realistic with yourself. Make sure you account for every factor you can think of when outlining a budget for yourself. It’s also really important that your budget allows room for incidentals as you never know what issues may crop up out of nowhere.

Creating some space in your budget can also help you save up a bit for vacations and occasional indulgences. Having a realistic and practical budget will make sure you don’t sacrifice important quality of life things for a slightly nicer apartment when a cheaper one would allow you to afford more meals out with friends or pints at your new favourite bar. Make sure your budget takes into account all your expenses and leaves room to prevent debt and allow for splurging.

Be willing to compromise
When you’re looking to save money on rent, you need to be willing to make some compromises during your search for flats. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should immediately drop any standards you have and look for the cheapest place around. The cheapest places tend to be in the most dangerous or out of the way areas and some places might seem cheap based on rent alone, but there are other factors to consider when it comes to living expenses in different areas.

One consideration is the place’s proximity to your work or school or any other place you may find yourself frequenting such as a gym or pool hall. Transportation is a large factor that you need to remember when looking at potential places to live. Make sure you calculate the costs of getting to and from each apartment as well as any other fees or expenses that might be specific to each location, so you can best assess the relative cost of living in each flat. In addition, assess your neighborhood and familiarize existing regulations and agreements between the residents of the building as well as the ones living in the adjoining property. Consider apartments with party walls in London to ensure privacy and quiet enjoyment of your new home.

Quality of life is the most important factor when making any life-changing decisions, so make sure you really consider the impact any location might have on your overall well-being. Be willing to make compromises in ways that don’t drastically impact your happiness or safety in order to find a place you can enjoy living in.

Organisation is essential
When you’re looking for a new place to live, it’s incredibly vital that you keep track of all the information you gather so you can make an informed decision once it comes time. This means keeping any documents you are provided as well as making yourself detailed notes that will help you recall each place you look at or visit. Keeping all these records organised will help immensely once it is time to settle on your new apartment. Being organised will also help you remember to ask any important questions when you sit down and meet with landlords or leasing agents.

Use a national lettings agency
A national property rental agency like accommodation.co.uk can help you discover great places without wasting time on locations that don’t meet your specific criteria. Get your list of detailed preferences outlined early so you can easily cross out apartments as you conduct your search to help cut down on time wasted. To recap, make sure you outline a specific and realistic budget that helps you find a price range that will allow you to lead the life you want. Make compromises on the things you can live without in order to provide room in your budget for things that matter most to you and keep all your records organised so the time you spend doing all this research doesn’t go to waste. Lastly, make sure you use all the tools that are at your disposal to help make the process easier on yourself.

Good luck in your apartment search!

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