How to dress stylishly in college in the UK

If there is any fashion that never gets old, this is the college one. Think of it: how can something get out-of-date in the hub of young and passionate people?

However, as in any community, there are some rules and tricks to play it cool. To all the expats, newbies, and freshmen on board, we’ve done a thorough critical analysis of what to wear to college in England and nail it just right.

Whether the Weather
Some combinations are eternal. Like New York City and the yellow cabs. Paris and the Eiffel Tower. England and…well, rain. The locals seem to worry less about the weather as that’s what they have been used to since they remember it. The newcomers will find it challenging: it takes time to put up with the climate moodiness of the foggy Albion. How to make a personal statement for university or college in the variable weather conditions?

Rule #1: Layer and Conquer
It seems like Katy Perry’s song “Hot N Cold” is exactly about a typical day in the UK during spring or summer. The only way to deal with it and don’t worry about extra or lack is to dress in layers. How? For example, throwing the boots, dark jeans with a blouse and a cardigan on is a to-go outfit decision for the day.
Paired with a trendy trench and statement accessories, this look will be perfect when the wind gives chills or the sun comes out of the blue. Best part? If you go out with your friends later, you can put the cardigan in your tote to make it less smart and more casual.
Bonus advice: make sure you have a spare tote bag with you all the times. Handmade, recycled or designers, this small bag will carry the clothes, unexpected purchases or books your mates decided to return, all with the nature in mind.

Rule #2: Umbrella, fella
One can write a 10-page essay on why raincoat might be a nice add-on to the London wear wardrobe but the thing is…it is not comfortable and even less practical than one might see it. Not something you opt for as an ever busy bee. What can help to cover yourself from rain while in the UK? Rihanna would say, umbrella. Pair it with a waterproof backpack that are safely covered from a nasty weather, and rest assured all the books, gadgets, and papers from essay writing service for UK students, which can help you at any weather to complete your college tasks even if you have no time. There are plenty of services that can make the umbrella and backpack attention items by either unique decoration or making them customized from scratch. Bonus advice: Avoid any writing pattern on your brolly or bag, leave it to the print media.

Rule #3: Sweatpants: to Wear or not to Wear?
Now if you are from the States or Australia, this will tear your heart: the students in England rarely wear sweatpants and sneakers when on classes. Yes, this is England fashion, darling. Smart casual is the usual look among the students, particularly if it comes to law or business schools. The good thing about it? One can find the best-fitting styles for suits and skirts to make sure one is ready for a last minute job interview after classes.
Bonus advice. It doesn’t mean your collection should go into the trash bin. After all, there is no more comfortable outfit for the essay writing process than a pair of sweatpants and a tee. At least, this is what a little Edubirdie told us.

Rule #4 (important): Keep Your Feet Dry
No one thinks about career goals when the feet are soaked, and your task here is to have a pair of reliable, waterproof shoes that can take you anywhere leak-free. In Britain, this is a must-have minimal because of the weather conditions. Worry not to look like your neighbour’s gardener amongst others? You shouldn’t, as the rain boots are no longer the ugly necessity. With the variety of Wellies and Hunters available, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is its colour and height. Almost forgot: they can look actually very cute with the flower print dress or jumpsuit and colour socks.
Bonus advice: Go for the neutral tones for a daily walk, and for the bright one to bring some colour in the day. Match it with the tote or bag you carry most of the time to have a complete stylish look.

Rule #5: Break Some Rules
In the States, the elementary school children often have the “crazy hair Tuesday” or “pyjama Fridays”. Yes, of course, you aren’t a child anymore but still…Why not wear that graphic T-shirt with the Dude or Mia Wallace once in a while? Actually, it will match a casual jacket or tomboy pants and eliminate the mundane feel of yet another day at school. And we know: some teachers would love it!
Bonus advice: It’s a tightrope of not overdoing it, considering the amount and popularity of crazy prints around. However, we think that smart science joke or cubist version of Kafka’s face is not only something interesting but also sort of intelligent.

The most important decorations one can have are your attitude, manners, and professionalism when it comes to whatever you do. Without the right mix of those, any outfit, even fresh from the catwalk of the designer from the 5th avenue NYC, will remain glitter shells. Speaking about shells, this is not what we love the oysters for, right?

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