How to dress properly to maintain productivity whilst working at home

Let’s face it. We are living in unprecedented times. No one could have predicted the current coronavirus outbreak and implications that it has on the world economy.

Chances are you’re affected as well and are probably working from home. Maintaining the level of productivity you’re used to can be quite a challenge, so here are the reasons why you should dress to impress even when working from home and how to do it.

Why you should dress for success when working from your home office?

Let’s be real. People are creatures of habit. By the time we’re 35, we have assimilated 95% of our habits. So, when you put on your work clothes and head to the office for another jab at your dreams, your body is already following the same patterns it’s used to.
But, when faced with the ongoing quarantine it’s tempting to lay back and watch some interesting documentaries (https://exposedmagazine.co.uk/features/made-in-sheffield-5-things-to-watch-in-quarantine/).

You may say to yourself that now when you don’t have to spend time commuting you get even more job done, but if you don’t follow your routine, chances are you’ll fall into a trap.

While, it’s great to improve your skills and learn new things, listen to educational podcasts (https://exposedmagazine.co.uk/culture/listen-up-podcasts-perfect-for-isolating-with/) in your free time if you want to get things done, you should maintain your level of style, no matter where you are.

3 Tips to prime your mind for success

Get yourself a nice watch

There is nothing so satisfying than the feeling of success. Especially if it’s hard-fought and won. And in those times of glory, you should celebrate and give yourself a present to serve as a reminder of your capabilities and accomplishments.
That is why you should buy yourself a nice watch that will serve as an anchor in turbulent times. Something that you can always carry with yourself to serve as a reminder who will prime your mind and body to strive forward and push you to your limits.
We recommend that you check Hublot watches online to get a taste in finer things in life.

Put on your best tie

Surely you must be playing favorites, even when it comes to your ties. There is probably one you’re especially fond of. One that brings out the positive memories associated with it when you have worn it before.

Like mentioned before, subconscious mind works on cues and when you put on your power tie, it will jump into hyperdrive and put you in a state of mind that will boost your productivity.

Not only that, but it will give you that extra push, that extra nudge in the right direction in times when your mind wanders off and starts browsing pages designed to steal your attention.

Put on your best shoes

Under no conditions should you wear slippers when working. It will be too easy to jump into the routine your mind is used to when you get back home from work.

If you’re not careful you will find yourself doing circles to the fridge and back, and soon you will be lying on your bed binge-watching Netflix.

To avoid that pitfall it’s important to sweat the small stuff.

Is it more comfortable to wear slippers instead of shoes? Yes, it is, but that is not the issue now.

By putting on your shoes you are telling yourself that now is time to work, not to waste time in leisure.

So, there you have it. One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when working from your home office is that it’s still important to stay dressed up. Hopefully, these 3 small tips that will ensure your productivity and push you ahead of our those who have chosen to ignore them.

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