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How to Choose Your Wedding Videographer

Weddings are a time of bliss, glitz, and glamor, bringing friends and family to celebrate the union of two lovebirds. But how will all those happy moments be captured?

You will want to relive the moments long after the wedding with your family and friends. You can opt between photography and videography to capture those poignant moments.

If you opt for videography, then choosing the right videographer is a crucial decision you must make as you prepare for your big wedding day. Read through this simple guide for some pro tips to help you choose the right videographer to entrust with your big day.

Source for Credible Recommendations

The first step in choosing a wedding videographer is to seek recommendations. You will probably be overwhelmed due to the pressure of handling many things that you might be clueless about where to begin. But worry not. You can hit up your social networks for recommendations. The perfect place to start is to ask your recently married friends who you loved at their wedding and solicit suggestions.

You can also consult with your wedding planner or the manager of where you have booked your wedding venue. They probably will be glad to provide a long list of potential videographers that you can assess. Furthermore, you can even ask on your social media pages and evaluate the comments where you will be able to pick out additional videographers.

Perform Background Checks on the Potential Wedding Videographers

After collecting the list of potential videographers, the second step is to select a sample of 10 videographers from the long list and conduct a background check based on your set criteria.

Begin by assessing their websites and social media pages to get a rough idea of their services. Later call or email them and request their rates, packages, and area of operations.

The best videographers would offer a wide range of wedding video packages to meet the different tastes of their clients. Besides, they should have a proven track record and years of experience in producing the best cinematic wedding videos.

Select Your Best Three for A Deeper Assessment

Once you have assessed the rates and packages, you can pick three of the best and proceed to evaluate them further. At this point, you can request their portfolio to check out their past jobs, which is a more accurate way to gauge the videographers’ work.

If possible, you can visit their offices to assess whether or not they have the proper operating licenses and the right videography equipment. Professional videographers use highly advanced videography equipment and editing software. If your favorite options fail to impress, you will need to go back to the drawing board and repeat the process until you find the perfect videographer for the job.

Discuss Final Details of Engagement with Your Preferred Videographer

Once you have found the videographer of your choice, you can proceed to discuss the kind of videography package you want. The best would be to go for a customized package that captures everything you want.

A good videographer will deliver the wedding videos and provide you with a bonus set of the best photographs that capture the best moments of your wedding. Besides, the best wedding video package should cover the whole event, from the church ceremony to the wedding reception. The videographer should also give you a detailed emergency plan to deal with unforeseen wedding scenarios, such as if it rains.

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